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Kingdom Ashin of the North: Season 3 – Your Favorite TV Drama Is Back!

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Ashin of the North has returned! The horror k-drama series by director Kim Tae Hwi and writer Choi Min Ho is back with the third season that will have you on the edge of your seat. What will happen to our favorite characters, Jung Ha Na (played by Park Shin Hye) and Lee Jin Sung (played by Lee Joon Gi)? Will they ever find out what really happened to their missing son?

Season three picks up with Jin Sung living in Los Angeles, California. He now has a new family and is working as an architect for his father’s company. One day he receives word that his mother had passed away back in Korea, so he returns home to attend her funeral. Esquire Choi (played by Kim Seok Jin) is there and tells him that the company has been building a new kind of dam. “A dam to stop time.” Apparently, after their son was kidnapped, his mother had promised her husband (played by Choi Min-Ho) that she would find their child no matter what happened.

So she became a detective and eventually uncovered the truth about their son’s kidnapping. However, her husband never wanted to believe that his company was involved in such an unspeakable crime, so he kept this information from both of them for decades.

Plot Summary

Kingdom Ashin of the North: Season three is about a detective who’s trying to find her kidnapped son. The whole story takes place in Korea, but there might be some flashbacks that take place in Taiwan and Japan.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North": Special Episode of the Netflix Zombie Series  on the Way This Year - Bloody Disgusting

Source: Bloody

Cast and Characters

  • Park Cha Yeol (Male Lead) is the leader of a criminal organization, and he’s also Yoo Jin Hyeok’s brother, but she doesn’t know that.
  • Maksimilliha Choi Ji Woo (Female Lead) was kn by their company when she was seven years old. But her father never believed that they kidnapped her, so he didn’t try to find her.
  • Yoo Jin Hyeok is the daughter of Park Cha Yeol, and she’s also a detective in their organization, but she doesn’t know that until now. She was adopted as an infant by her father, who works for the Japanese Intelligence Agency.
  • Lee Chang Ho (supporting role) is Shin Eun Soo’s husband, and he loves his wife very much even though he often gets into arguments with her because of her stubborn personality. He keeps a secret from both himself and his wife about his company’s involvement in kidnapping Maksimilliha Choi Ji Woo when she was seven years old.
  • Shin Eun Soo (Supporting Role) is the wife of Lee Chang Ho, and she’s also a detective in their organization. She hates her husband even though he tries to please her because of her stubborn personality but doesn’t find it worth anything.
  • Maksimilliha Choi Ji Woo (main role, Yoon So Hee as child actress) was kidnapped by Shin Eun Soo’s company when she was seven years old. But this time somebody will help them!
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Release Date

The second season of Kingdom Ashin of the North is coming this year late, and it’s going to be more exciting than ever! Follow our main character, Lee Chang Ho, as he tries to save Maksimilliha Choi Ji Woo from her kidnapper. His wife Shin Eun Soo will do everything to help him, but she won’t succeed without your support!

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