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4 Great Ways To Include a Leather Couch in Your Formal Living Room

If you are shopping for new living room furniture, there is a pretty good chance you’ve come across a leather couch or two. Some people shy away from these for more formal rooms, but that can cause you to miss out on the many benefits they offer. Learn more about why leather furniture can be a great addition to your furniture and find out how to make your favorite work in your formal living room.

Benefits of Leather Furniture

A leather sofa offers many benefits over a fabric-upholstered one. The leather is easy to care for and clean; you can simply wipe spills up when they happen without worrying about stains seeping in. Pet parents will appreciate how easy it is to get pet hair off of the furniture, too. If all of that isn’t enough, leather also ages really well. The material gets smoother, softer, and more comfortable over time, so your new couch will still be a favorite long after other pieces have worn out.

4 Ways To Include a Leather Sofa in a Formal Space

Now that you are convinced that adding a leather couch is a great idea, let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to incorporate one into your formal space.

1. Choose a Piece With Sleek Lines

Steer clear of overstuffed sofas when designing a more formal room. They can easily go from comfortable to too cluttered or relaxed. Instead, choose a couch that has clean, defined lines. This carries a more stately air that will help set the mood for your room.


2. Mix It With Fabric Pieces

There is no rule saying you can’t mix and match, even in your living room. Go ahead and find a pair of chairs that accent your leather couch and tie it seamlessly into the room’s design. Light-colored fabrics are a great idea since they help lighten up traditional, heavy brown leather. However, if you go with a paler colored sofa, you have a lot more flexibility. This is an excellent opportunity to bring in those velvet chairs you’ve been contemplating.

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3. Use It as a Focal Point

Formal living spaces can really benefit from a focal point, and a stunning leather sofa fills the role nicely. Flank your couch with a side table or floor lamp and add a storage ottoman to keep the space neat and organized for a complete look.

4. Place It in Front of an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a fun way to make a statement without committing the entire room to the project. Placing a gorgeous leather couch in front of that wall will certainly draw the eye. You can use paint, stone, or even a collection of heirlooms to create an accent wall that matches the style you want for your living room.

Create a Comfortable and Formal Living Space

Placing your leather couch in just the right spot, with accent pieces surrounding it, can make the space more cozy, roomy, and welcoming. How you choose to do that is up to you.



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