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“Darwin’s Game” On Netflix -Everything We Know so Far!

Darwin's Game

Netflix’s latest show, “Darwin’s Game,” is set to release on 1st August of this year. The darwins game was originally a novel written by Ryan Brown in 2013 that has since been adapted into a series.

About the manga “Darwin’s Game.”

It follows the story of Darwin and his friends as they are forced to play Darwin’s Game-a, a twisted social experiment where players must kill each other until only one person is left alive.

Darwin’s Game Plotline

The story revolves around an online video game called ‘The Darwin Project,’ which requires its participants to either fight or starve for their lives while battling against both environmental elements and player opponents (the latter being optional). A government organization called the International Survival Union, which is modeled after a post-apocalyptic government, sends out 12 players to represent them in this game. They are given a variety of weapons and gadgets to help them survive.

The story begins with this group at the arctic, where they have set up camp on location for the game’s release. A storm hits their arctic basecamp before launch day, but they continue anyway…despite some members being missing from the original 12 person team roster-including its leader. The remaining 11 players find themselves cut off from each other when an avalanche cuts through their encampment. They then wake up in different locations around Arctica and must devise survival strategies alone or together as a team to escape alive.”

Darwin's Game | Netflix


Netflix’s Release Date for the series

Netflix’s new series is coming to your TV screens on August 1st! It was announced during the world premiere red carpet event for the show that will be released exclusively on Netflix worldwide and has already been garnering rave reviews about its suspenseful plotline. However, the manga was already released in Japan, and the reviews are great.

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Voice Cast for the Series

  • The cast for this series on Netflix includes stars such as:
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima (Death Note)
  • Kana Kurashina (Love Live! Sunshine!!, My Little Monster)
  • Yu Shirota (Haikara-San )
  • Yoko Maki(Gokusen I & II)

Who’s in the cast?

Darwin is played by Jared Harris, who also starred as Lane Pryce on “Mad Men.” The arctic survival expert and Darwin’s chief competitor; is played by Toby Jones. He was most recently seen in Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” But he has been a staple of British film; for over 30 years with roles, ranging from Dr. Aldous Leekie on “Orphan Black” to Alfred Hitchcock; in HBO’s acclaimed miniseries “The Girl.” Aidan Gillen plays; the villainous Colonel Francis Barclay-Lennox; his credits include Renard Spymaster of Paris on BBC America’s “Berlin Station.”

Jared Harris as Darwin.

Will we know who will be playing Darwin?

“Darwin is played by Canadian actor Eric Schweig (The Revenant). He’s an arctic survivalist with years of experience surviving hostile conditions like these.”

We don’t yet know which actors are going to play the 11 others on his team because they haven’t been announced just yet! Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Additional Tips: Netflix has done a phenomenal job at keeping this project tightly under wraps until now, but they’re finally giving us a little bit to go on.


Frequently Asked Questions about Darwin’s Game

What can we expect from the series?

“Each episode takes place over the course of a day or two in real-time. The characters have to figure out how to survive, find each other and work together while fighting off arctic natural disasters such as avalanches.”

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Who is Darwin?

“A game developer whose work is a reflection on the 19th-century naturalist who developed evolutionary theory.”

Is Darwin’s Game based on arctic survival?

“Darwin’s Game” takes place in an arctic environment with characters that are not all expertly trained to survive. The plotline revolves around a competition where players compete for their lives, and those stakes rise exponentially once they find themselves stranded in this hostile landscape.

Is Darwin the villain for the series?

No, Darwin is the protagonist, and although he has his share of questionable morals, it’s not easy to peg him as a villain.


Will Darwin’s Game be worth binge-watching?

Yes! Absolutely! From the reviews we’ve had from the Japanese fans, the manga is one of a kind and very addictive. Therefore, all anime fans must watch it once.

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