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Everything We Know About the “iCarly” Revival Season 2

Icarly reboot

The members of Carly’s nation are officially up, ready, and excited for more. With the iCarly Paramount+ revival finally live, fans are wondering just how long they’ll get to catch up with Carly, Spencer, and Freddie as they start up another streaming channel and figure out their adult lives. So are we turning back in for another season? Or are we saying goodbye to iCarly again at the end of season 1?

Here’s everything we know about the brand new season.

Is Season 2 of iCarly really happening?

The iCarly revival is just getting started so there are still more episodes coming in the show’s first season. Unfortunately, this also means that it’ll be a while until we hear anything about a season two renewal. So make sure you continue to tune in every week for new episodes, so it has a better chance of coming back.

iCarly' Reboot Season 2: Trailer, Cast, News, Release Date, & Spoilers

Source: Seventeen

Who is coming back for Season 2 (Cast)?

We would expect the key characters to return for the second season but we will have to see how season one ends. Plus, with so many iCarly characters from the original series that we haven’t seen yet, there’s always a chance that a familiar face or two will be back to join in on the fun.

What will be the Season 2 of iCarly all about?

Since we don’t know how the first season ends yet, we don’t know where these characters end up. But at least we know it will include more wild antics between Carly and her friends as they continue working on her web series.


When will season 2 come out?

Since Paramount+ is a brand new streaming service, we don’t know if they have a set schedule for returning shows. However, if they get a quick renewal, we can probably expect it to be back in a year.

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