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Virgin River Season 3: Cast, Trailer, Release date and many more…

Virgin River Season 3

What’s the next season of Virgin River? Who will be in it? When is the release date? These are all questions that we can answer. We have collected information on the cast, trailer, and other details for Season 3 of this popular show.

We start with the cast. In addition to the main actors, Season three will also star Emily Wickersham (LOST), June Angela (Bones), and Darius de Haas (Public Morals). This is an excellent opportunity for viewers to see these new faces in a show they’re already invested in. Virgin River veterans, they’ll be familiar faces in new places.


“June Angela will play Charlotte, a mother to two young children and the wife of Allie’s (played by John Driscoll) brother,” executive producer Christopher Fife told EW. “Charlotte has been living in Chicago with her husband for years, but she is drawn back to Virgin River to help Allie and her family.”

This new season will also explore the burgeoning romance between Tess (played by Cara Santana) and Josh, who is back in town to build a house for his mother. “Josh has always been attracted to Tess, but he’s never acted on it,” Fife said of their storyline. “But there’s something about him that Tess needs. They just kind of recognize each other.”


The season will also welcome new faces like June Angela’s Charlotte, who is Allie (played by John Driscoll)’s brother’s wife and the mother to two young children. “Charlotte has been living in Chicago for years with her husband, but she is drawn back to Virgin River to help Allie and her family.”

Virgin River Season 3 Trailer Reveals More Romance and Drama Ahead


“She’s experienced two miscarriages in a row,” Angela tells EW. “And you kind of see the journey that Charlotte goes through with this third pregnancy — it’s very emotional, and I think people will get really invested because they know how much she wants it.”

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– Tess Fife (Frances Fisher)

– Jack Sheridan (David Carradine)

– Dr. Mike Hudson, M.D., aka “Doc” Henshaw (Bruce Boxleitner)


– Allie Fitzgerald Howard / Carruthers (John Driscoll), her husband and the owner of the town’s general store

– Kenny Fitzgerald (Cameron Bancroft), Allie and Jack’s son, born in Season One

– Charlotte Carruthers Henshaw (Angela Lansbury)

– Stan Potts (Richard T. Jones)


Release Date

The new season will stream on Netflix on July 9.

About Virgin River: Season Three

The story of five close-knit friends and the beautiful, once idyllic mountain valley they inhabit. Away from city lights, pollution, or any semblance of a fast-paced life, their town is the perfect place to aimlessly meander through untouched wilderness, but it isn’t immune to change.

– Allie Fitzgerald Howard / Carruthers (John Driscoll), her husband’s closest confidante and the town doctor.

– Kate McCallister (Jessica Heap), formerly of Los Angeles, now a widow with two young sons who are staying in the Virgin River for as long as she can get away from reality.


– Jack Sheridan (John Carroll Lynch), a local veterinarian and Allie’s best friend since childhood.

– Douglas Fitzgerald, Allie’s husband (Kevin Rankin), a talented artist and carpenter who left his beloved town for the fast lane of L.A. but now lives in constant fear that he’ll never see it again.

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