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Search Party Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Search Party Season 5

In 2016, TBS aired the dark comedy Search Party, about a bored Brooklyn-based post-graduate named Dory who dragged her self-absorbed pals into finding a missing schoolmate, written by Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers. Since then, the Search Party’s passion has only grown among TV viewers as the show transformed into a thriller and migrated to HBO Max. So, Will there be Search Party season 5?

Here’s we’ve compiled everything you need to know. When does Search Party come on? Is there a trailer for season 5? And who will be in it?! Find out all these answers and more by reading this blog post!

Search Party Season 5: Is it renewed?

In February 2021, Deadline published a report stating that HBO Max has greenlit a fifth season of the program.

Deadline reports that Search Party Showrunner Sarah-Violet Bliss expressed, “It feels like the series has received a fresh surge of life now”.


They added, “We’re just so grateful for it because we spent two and a half years wondering what the future would bring for the series.” Fans have been looking forward to seeing where this story goes since it was left unfinished

Search Party Season 5: When will it be released?

Fans of the saga are accustomed to waiting two-and-a-half years between seasons, but it does not appear that Season 5 will take longer to come out.

Search Party Season 5 Release Date, News

According to Vanity Fair, Search Party is currently filming Season 5. So with the series now in production and potentially the fall, new episodes should arrive by early 2022.

It’s possible that the next season will be released in early 2022, around the start of the new year, based on when Season 4 debuted.


Search Party Season 5: What is the plot synopsis?

In Season 1, Search Party began as a mystery, then evolved into a full-fledged thriller in Season 2 before mutating into a legal drama. Season 4 with its captive narrative while returning to form as Drew, Elliot, and Portia played detective to locate Dory.

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Season 5, however, could be Dory’s own psychological thriller as she forces herself to come to terms with who she truly is and the choices she’s made and long dismissed the consequences.

Throughout much of Season 4, everyone in Search Party wrestles with their own Dory, who is now forced to acknowledge and be ashamed of where her Nancy Drew cosplay took her. Drew flees his issues to literal fantasy land, Portia plays Dory, and Elliot gives up all of his principles for popularity.

The fifth and final season of will center on what it’s like to be on the other side of death and have had a spiritual epiphany, according to Brian Rogers.


Dory begins to go through this in Season 4 with her “white light” experience, as do her pals when they all suffer a breakdown about not knowing who they are after failing to save her.

Search Party' Renewed For Season 5 By HBO Max – Deadline

“I think now that Dory is ‘enlightened,’ her ‘pursuit for meaning’ will reach a conclusion,” the strategist told Deadline. “What would be the worst thing that could happen?” With this group, things are probably going to go wrong!

Based on Jeff Goldblum’s casting, everything is going to lead up to Dory’s project with his character. It’s unclear if they’ll explore a social network or a creepy health app, but it appears she’ll try to reclaim the narrative in the media by doing some particularly cringe-worthy, public self-reflection.

It also appears to be a golden opportunity for her and her pals to get themselves into even more trouble. While it’s difficult to know what it is, the showrunners said that “everyone’s madness comes to a boiling point” this season, promising that it will be “very, very terrifying.”


Fans were disappointed to find out that Dory doesn’t seek vengeance on Chip and his Aunt Lyla in the new episode. Since they believe that the cinnamon bun-fortune heir will utilize his power to avoid any repercussions, Escola told Vanity Fair that they expect him to flee and avoid responsibility.

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Will There Be a Search Party Season 5? - Den of Geek

While a cat-and-mouse game appears unlikely, our favorite Brooklynites are well aware of who the criminal in Dory’s abduction is and how to find him, so it’s possible that before Chip and his aunt finally slip away unscathed, rolling in Lil Sticky’s money, there will be some sort of confrontation between them.

Who are the cast members?

The cast members which are expected to be seen in season 5 are as follows:

  • Alia Shawkat
  • John Reynolds
  • Meredith Hagner
  • John Early
  • Clare McNulty
  • Cole Escola
  • Susan Surrandon

We’ll update the cast details of the new stars who’ll be joining season 5 of Search Party.

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