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Real Life Nightmare Season 3 : To be Released soon on HLN!!

Real Life Nightmare Season 3 is about to be released on HLN soon. The series represents dismal stories and personal mysteries of man missing and unsolved deaths that perplex the investigators. Real Life Nightmares Season 3 will air six episodes and we can’t wait! The show is worth watching because it shows how hard it is to live after our loved ones are missing or died mysteriously. It’s also worth watching because the show represents real cases that happen every year which makes it feel like you are watching an actual documentary series rather than fictional stories.

Will, there be Real Life Nightmare Season 3? is it officially renewed?

Yes, the Real-Life Nightmare series is set to return with Season three on HLN. Many fans were asking about when Real-life nightmares return. And now it is officially confirmed that the series is renewed.

What is the exact release date of Real Life Nightmare Season 3?

The series is set to release on November 14, 2021. Real-Life Nightmare Season one was aired on November 2, 2021.


How many episodes will be there in Real Life Nightmare Season 3?

The upcoming series is confirmed to have a total of six episodes. Besides, there will be a 2-hour special event on  “Mojave Mystery – Vanished in the Desert”. It will be about the investigation into the missing popular hiker Kenny Veach. He went missing when he set out to search for M Cave at Area 51.


What is the series all about?

The Real Life Nightmare Season is a documentary series and it has won over the hearts of crime genre-loving fans all around the world. What makes this docu-series unique from others like American Greed, Mystery Quest, etc. is that Real Life Nightmare follows real cases and not actors or recreations. The series features never seen before evidence while investigating mysterious cases. It also provides a call-to-action for the viewers and they can also take part in the investigation.

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What can we expect in season 2?

The upcoming series will be set with six episodes like the previous seasons. We are looking forward to more real-life stories that keep us hooked all night long!

The episode details of season 2

Season 1: It is titled Bourbon Town Mystery. It will be focusing on the missing of a 35-year-old mother of five.

Season 2: It is titled Med Student Mystery. The investigation will be on the missing of a young medical student who was out celebrating the Spring Break with his friends after intensively studying for medical exams. Through the CCTV footage, he is seen entering a bar but he is never seen leaving there.


Season 3: It is titled “Mojave Mystery – Vanished in the Desert”. It is about the missing hiker who was searching for Cave M in Area 51.

Season 4:It is titled Connecticut Murder Mystery. It will be investigating the disappearance of a mother of five who went missing after dropping her kids at home. There were signs of a brutal assault in the garage of her luxurious home.

Season 5: It is titled Murder at Chapel Hill. The episode will be investigating the murder of a college student who succumbed to blows from a heavy object. The DNA, a threatening note obtained from the crime scene, and a voice mail from the student’s phone will point to her killer.

Season 6: It is titled Secrets in the Ashes. A woman is killed due to a fire breaking out in her isolated home during the daytime. Investigators are perplexed as to why she didn’t escape from the blaze. The autopsy reports show that she was killed due to a gunshot wound to her head.


How popular is the series?

Real Life Nightmare Series is a show that can be watched by everyone. It has been created with the intention of being an informative, and thrilling series for all to watch. The series will keep you on your toes as it includes drama and suspense in each episode. It is real-life heartbreaking stories of crime. Everyone must watch as it includes information on crimes and how they were solved through investigations.

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Why do I recommend watching the series?

The series proves useful in teaching people about real-life crime scenes, serial killers, psychopaths, etc which helps us learn more about these criminals who cannot escape from justice even if they’re hiding far away. Real-life nightmare also gives viewers an insight into what goes behind solving such cases by interviewing police officers and detectives who worked hard at finding clues to solve murders/crime cases & bringing culprits before law courts.

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