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Should I Secure My House With Windstream Home Security?

We’re living in 21st century and everyone has the right to get secure so why not your house? Well, I believe, security is what everyone should have in this modern era. 

For example, you’re out somewhere and want to check your house activities, what will you do? Nothing? Bad idea, Right? What you can best do is “secure your entire house” with none other than “Windstream”. Just like the Kinetic by Windstream Internet, the provider has other services too, with top notched quality. You love your pet and wanna check what he/she does when you’re not around, now you can easily see, I’ll tell you how.

Windstream offers 4 major services apart from its super-fast internet, like voice, Tv and entertainment, Home Security and Wi-Fi manager.

In this guide I will help you in in finding, should you really invest in Home Security or not? But how about we figure out, why Windstream and not others?


Why Windstream Homelife and not others?

Windstream has been one of the finest broadband networks in the US. The provider has proved to be the best in the market and has served millions of people with its fair pricing strategy and I am sure, you as a user would definitely go for a network who’s good at everything, Windstream is at your doors!

Without wasting your time, let’s dive straight to the plans and packages offered by Windstream Home Security.

Windstream Home Security – Plans and Packages

Agreeing the fact that there are multiple network providers operating in the US but Windstream has always been an economical and pocket friendly broadband network. Keeping in mind that users should have the option to choose what fits their house well, the provider has announced 2 major tiers to make you and your house feel secure. Let’s discuss the plans.

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Kinetic Secure Home 

Windstream announced its first plan as Kinetic Secure Home. In just $10 per month, users will be allowed to have 2 indoor or outdoor cameras, depending upon the user. Features like, Motion Notification, Live Video, Video History will be easily accessible. Multiple users can operate at a time and you can have a two-way talk. Sounds good, right? The most amazing part by the provider is they never fail to provide facilities, in case if you are short of cash, you can add an installment option where you will be allowed to pay your equipment fee in 3 months, which is somewhere around $20.


Kinetic Secure Home Plus

Slightly expensive than the basic plan but includes all the facilities. Facilities like, you will have cameras at hub, indoor or outdoor, 2 key fobs and 2 sensors at entrance. Users will have full access to the basic features plus they can monitor their house 24/7 which clearly means that you can keep an eye on your house, your belongings while partying.

How to Monitor Your House?

As everything has gone digital and you can access millions of things in just a tap, just like that you can monitor your entire house in just a tap. Kinetic by Windstream is an application which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store too. Through the app, you can easily keep a record of your house every single second. You will even have a notification about your main door being closed and opened, how cool, right?

How to order Security?

If you already are a Windstream member, then you should know how responsive the customer support is, you just need to call the customer support or you can place your order online. But in case if you are not a Windstream user, then you would definitely need a Windstream Internet so that you can monitor your belongings, your house and can have an easy access to your Kinetic app.

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As mentioned above, there are hundreds of internet service provider who provide security system but if you are seeking for a good, reliable and trustworthy reliable, then you should definitely go for Windstream as the provider has worked really hard to meet the needs of the consumer. My final call would be go with Windstream if you want to avail more service in lesser price. Make a move!


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