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Unfolding New Possibilities With The Best Samsung Mobiles

Samsung Mobiles

Owning a phone with the best specifications is not enough. It must also be able to meet your requirements for hardware, software, and design. These are the most important factors to look for when purchasing a phone with top-notch features. You will be able to get a phone with top-notch specs if you know exactly what to look for.

The following are the phone’s specs you will get when you buy your phone from an online retailer;

  1. Samsung Care+

This is a free warranty service you can get when you purchase Unlocked Samsung phones from Samsung care+ website. You have to send it back to the supplier if your phone meets technical failure and they will repair and return it to you within 1 week.

When you buy from the main website, you will be able to get 1 year of warranty and you will only pay the cost of shipping your product back to Samsung.

  1. The Unlimited Free Data

This plan from Globe is a data package that offers subscribers 4G LTE speeds and up to 15GB of mobile data per month, with the option to add an additional 1GB for Php30. This will help you browse, download and stream content anytime with no limitations.

  1. 5G Start

Live your life in the fastest lane with Globe’s new mobile internet service that brings you to the next level of speed and connection. Subscribe to 5G Start today and get the first 2 months at 50% OFF. An additional 1 GB for only Php30 is also available.

Samsung Mobiles

  1. Wide Selections
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Samsung has partnered with Globe and different networks to provide you with the best deals on your Samsung phone. Choose from Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, or Sun plans.

  1. Free Premiums

When you purchase unlocked Samsung mobile phones, they come with freebies like the latest Gear VR. Subscribe to our newsletter and be updated on more upcoming freebies and promos.

  1. Original Samsung Phones

You will get original unlocked Samsung phones from our website which you can use anywhere in the world. Be updated on what’s new from Samsung and get your hands on the best phone at Samsung care+!

  1. Free and quick Delivery

When you purchase from online retailers, you expect your Samsung phone to reach your doorstep in no time. They have a dedicated team that ensures 100% safe delivery of your product. The delivery takes 3-5 days after you complete your purchasing process.

  1. Wide Range of Mobile Phones

You can avail a wide range of mobile phones from Samsung care+ with price ranges that will fit your budget. Choose from the latest Samsung mobile phones, unlocked and contract-free.

  1. 24/7 Customer Service

For your convenience, our customer service is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and concerns. If you have comments or complaints, do not hesitate to contact our team via email and live chat.



Samsung is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to mobile phones. This brand provides its customers with high-quality products and the best customer service. They are very open with the public, so if you have any questions about their products, services, or even their freebies, feel free to ask their customer support.

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