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Pros and Cons of Kotlin Programming Language for Android App Development

In 2019 Google recommended Kotlin to be the best programming language for Android App development in an announcement. They invited developers to utilize the best features of the free, open-source, object-oriented, and functional programming language. The Kotlin Foundation thus came into being to support Android app developers who use Kotlin. Within three years of the announcement, Kotlin grew in popularity to become one of the top three languages, and in 2022, many businesses plan to change over completely to Kotlin.

Does a business benefit from migrating its Android Apps to Kotlin? Look at the pros and cons of Kotlin programming language for android app development.

Overview Of Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern, general-purpose programming language designed by JetBrains to be primarily efficient and easy to write. Kotlin works well as an alternative to Java or C++. It has a few syntax similarities with other languages, such as JavaScript, making learning easy for people from those backgrounds. It also happens to be the premiere option for Android developers looking for productivity improvements and flexibility while building apps on Android.

9 Pros Of Using Kotlin To Develop Your Android App

Kotlin is a concise, transparent, no-nonsense language that is just as easy to read as Java, and it makes Kotlin more appealing than many other languages. However, a basic knowledge of Java and Kotlin is necessary for developers to take advantage of Kotlin’s functional features. The power of the new Google Play service APIs also means that users can download Android Studio and build their app in under ten minutes if they use Kotlin and all its features. Continue reading as we explain each of the pros of using Kotlin as a programming language to develop an Android App for business.



Non-Verbose Code

Developers face significant hindrances while using Java because:

  • It has a lengthier code.
  • It results in verbosity and redundancy. 
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The solution is the modern Kotlin code because

  • It eliminates the boilerplate repetitive code making it better and easier to use.
  • Kotlin is a simple programming language that a beginner finds easy to learn.
  • Kotlin is more flexible, as the example below explains.

The developer can use the semicolon at the end of the coding line. However, if a Java programmer does include the same because Java makes it necessary, it will not report the same as a bug.

Bugs Are Not Many

The language prevents null pointer exception errors, the number one cause of Android app developmental errors, by including null safety. The code is simple and concise, reducing bugs, and developers can eliminate bugs at run time as the compilation eliminates them.

Compatible with Related Frameworks

Kotlin is compatible with Java, and thus, developers using Java for Android apps can 

  • Easily switch over to Kotlin.
  • Use Kotlin with Java if the app cannot be built only with Java.
  • Its interoperability feature allows the developer to use it along with other frameworks.

Better Scrutiny

Kotlin is the most sophisticated of all available programming languages because it has grown through numerous alpha and beta testing levels before its launch. Also, the coroutines in Kotlin make automated code as simple to work with as blocking code. Coroutines simplify background task management, from network calls to local data access.

Meet Short Deadlines

Kotlin is a concise, dynamic language and can quickly eliminate Java’s limitations and redundancy. The developer can code and deploy it in short, which ultimately increases the developer team’s productivity.

Apps Using Kotlin Rarely Crash

Kotlin code is shorter than Java, making it easier to manage than codes written in Java. The code is in a lesser surface area giving bugs no place to hide. Also, the easy readability feature of Kotlin codes makes it easy for developers to locate bugs if any.

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Maintenance is not a Challenge While Using Kotlin

Kotlin increases developers’ overall output by accommodating the toolkit IDEs, like Android Studio and other SDK software. Also, because Kotlin is less buggy than other programming languages, the resultant crashes are low, which is why Android apps on Kotilin are cheaper to maintain.

Delight For Developers

Kotlin developers are happier than programmers who use another programming language because:

  • Kotlin solves the issues that the older programming language could not solve.
  • Kotlin receives backing from two leading companies, Google and Android Studio, which means Kotlin is here to stay.
  • The above benefit also promises long-term support for developers using Kotlin.
  • Beginners find it easy to learn Kotlin, and experienced developers are content with the power the sophisticated features of Kotlin offer them.

Compilation as fast as Java, if not Faster

Which one is faster, Kotlin or Java? Expert developers believe that Kotlin cannot beat Java in compilation speed. However, that is correct only in the case of the rare clean builds. In clean builds, Java is faster than Kotlin by 10-15%. Nevertheless, developers generally use incremental compilation requiring partial builds. And in the case of partial builds, Kotlin compilation is as fast as Java and sometimes even marginally faster.

 4 Cons Of Kotlin Programming Language

However, Java still holds fort in some instances. Continue reading to know the limitations of Kotlin.

Works On Existing Java Code Yet So Different From It

Kotlin is similar to Java but not the same. Thus Java app developers can only transition to Kotlin with intense Kotlin programming knowledge. They will have to learn the language before attempting to use the same for developing Android apps.

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Not Many Kotlin Programmers 

A business needs to hire an android developer competent in the Kotlin programming language. However, they are challenging to find. Although Kotlin is gaining in popularity, only a few trained personnel can incorporate the migration of an Android app totally from Java. 

Limited Support For Developers

Many developers aspire to learn Kotlin, for they desire to develop Android apps. But as they are few trained developers, from whom can they learn? Also, there ought to be better support teams to solve their queries when in doubt. That’s the primary reason developers consider the training challenging and abandon the idea of learning Kotlin altogether.



The final question: Will Kotlin be a complete replacement for Java? The answer is, in all probability, yes!


The primary reason is that it has the best features of all the previous programming languages. Business is sure to benefit by building Android apps on Kotlin. Its easy integration into the existing apps and reduced coding errors are sure to give them the much-needed competitive edge. Hire an android developer for a complete app migration to Kotlin from Java today.

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