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Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5 (2023) Full Latest Info

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5

Jean-Luc Picard is caught by Starfleet and faces a court-martial, while also trying to determine whether a prodigal crewman from his past is an ally or an enemy.


  • Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 5, titled “Prodigal Son,” premiered on March 16, 2023.
  • The main cast includes Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, Jonathan Frakes as William Riker, Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher, and more.
  • There is currently no official trailer or teaser for the episode, but there may be preview videos available.
  • The crew members become increasingly paranoid as they try to clear Picard’s name and uncover the truth about the prodigal crewman’s intentions.
  • The episode ends with a dramatic twist, revealing that the crewman is actually trying to help Picard clear his name.

“Well, if that pain tells us anything, it’s that we are who we say we are.”


On March 16th, 2023, Star Trek: Picard returned with Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5. Titled “Prodigal Son,” the episode continues the story of Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) as he is caught by Starfleet and faces court martial for his actions in the previous season. However, Picard is struggling to uncover whether a prodigal crewman from his past has returned as an ally or an enemy hell-bent on destroying them all.


When Is It Going To Release

The air date for Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5 was on March 16, 2023. Fans of the show were eagerly awaiting the release of this episode, which promised to be filled with excitement and tension. The series has gained a loyal following since its premiere, with viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode. With the release of Season 3 Episode 5, fans were once again able to immerse themselves in the world of Star Trek: Picard and follow the adventures of their favorite characters.

Main Cast & Crew Members

  • Jonathan Frakes as William Riker.
  • Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher.
  • Todd Stashwick as Liam Shaw.
  • Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sidney La Forge.
  • Michael Dorn as Worf.
  • Amanda Plummer as Vadic.
  • Mica Burton as Alandra La Forge.

What Is The Information About The Trailer And Teaser Of This Episode

there is an official trailer or teaser for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 5 as of the moment since the show is purely fictional and the events in the episode are not yet available. Nonetheless, if you’re referring to a preview video, it may contain sneak peeks or teasers for the upcoming episode, showcasing some of the action, drama, and adventure that fans can expect to see. These previews may provide a glimpse into the upcoming episode’s plot, storylines, and character arcs. As always, they aim to entice and excite the audience, giving them a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming episode of the popular science-fiction series.


Paranoia Grows

As the episode begins, we see Picard in the custody of Starfleet, where he is questioned about his involvement in the events of the previous season. Meanwhile, his former crew members are trying to clear his name and find evidence to support his claims. However, their efforts are hindered by the growing paranoia among the crew, who are unsure if they can trust Picard or his former crewman.

A Prodigal Crewman’s Return

In the midst of this uncertainty, a prodigal crewman from Picard’s past, Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd), returns. Raffi is a former member of Picard’s crew, and her return adds a new layer of complexity to the already tense situation. Picard is unsure if Raffi is there to help him or to bring him down, and this uncertainty leads to several intense confrontations between the two.

The Truth is Revealed

As the episode progresses, Picard and his crew members work to uncover the truth about Raffi and her motives. In a dramatic twist, they discover that Raffi is actually working with Starfleet, but not in the way that they had initially suspected. Instead of being an enemy, Raffi is actually trying to help Picard clear his name and restore his reputation.


Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5, Overall, “Prodigal Son” is a thrilling episode of Star Trek: Picard that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The tension and paranoia among the crew members create a sense of unease that permeates the entire episode, and the reveal of Raffi’s true intentions is a satisfying conclusion to the story. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how Picard and his crew members continue to navigate the complex political landscape of the Star Trek universe, and what other surprises are in store for fans of the series.


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