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Selling Sunset Season 6 Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer & More.

Selling Sunset Season 6

Selling Sunset Season 6 new twists and high-stakes deals from Los Angeles luxury real estate agents


  • “Selling Sunset” is a popular Netflix reality series about real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.
  • The show follows the personal and professional lives of the agents as they sell luxury properties.
  • The main cast includes Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bonnet, Heather Rae Young, and Amanda Smith.
  • The new season is expected to be as drama-filled as previous seasons, with more focus on the personal and professional lives of the agents.

She can sit on the floor until she proves herself.” 

-Jason Oppenheim.


Selling Sunset Season 6, the popular Netflix reality series has been grabbing the attention of viewers since its debut in March 2019. The show follows the lives of real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage in Los Angeles. They navigate the cut-throat world of selling luxury properties in the city. The show has garnered a huge following for its drama-filled episodes, which not only featured the glamorous house but also the personal lives and relationships of the cast. Now, with the announcement of Season 6, fans are eagerly anticipating what next twist is in store for their favorite realtors.


The Actor & Actress Of The Selling Sunset Season 6 

The show features an ensemble cast of real estate agents who are all members of the Oppenheim Group. Here are the main characters you can expect to see in season 6:

  • Jason Oppenheim.
  • Brett Oppenheim.
  • Chrishell Stause.
  • Christine Quinn.
  • Mary Fitzgerald.
  • Romain Bonnet.
  • Heather Rae Young.
  • Amanza Smith

This Is The Release Date Of This Reality Series

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the sixth season of the show. The good news is that it is confirmed that Season 6 will release on Netflix on Friday, May 19, 2023. Like the previous season, the upcoming season will also have eight episodes. With only a few months left to wait, fans are excited to see what the new season has in store.

What Is The Background Of This Reality Show?

“Selling Sunset” is a popular reality TV series that revolves around the personal and professional lives of a group of real estate agents working in the luxury property market of Los Angeles, California. The show premiered on Netflix in 2019 and quickly gained a massive following. The mix of surprising properties, personal drama, and high-stakes business deals has captivated audiences around the world. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Sailing Sunset” Season 6, which promises to deliver even more excitement and intrigue.


Can We See The Trailer Of This Season?

Before diving into the details of this season, here’s a look at the teaser for Season 6. The teaser promises drama, luxury real estate, and the return of some familiar faces. Check it out below:

What Could Be The Plot?

The show revolves around the personal and professional lives of a group of real estate agents, primarily the co-founders of the Oppenheim Group, Jason and Brett Oppenheim. Season 5 ended with some significant plot twists, leaving fans curious to know what will happen next. The new season will pick up where the previous one left off, with the agents juggling their personal and professional lives including high-end listings, relationships, and drama.

What Do Fans Expect From This Reality Series?

Season 6 of this reality television series promises to be as drama-filled and entertaining as its predecessors. The new season is expected to delve deeper into the personal and professional lives of these agents. eagerly waiting for this season



This reality television series Selling Sunset Season 6 is one of the most awaited reality TV shows of the year. With new cast members, new real estate deals, and the return of the original cast, fans can expect an exciting and drama-filled season. And this reality television show season 6 will release on 19th May 2023,

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