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‘Triptych” (2023) || TV series || Complete Information ||


The first episode of the series will premiere on February 22, 2023, in Mexico. 


  • Triptych 2023 is an upcoming psychological thriller TV series created by Lulu Wang, set to be released on HBO Max in late 2023.
  • No official trailer or teaser updates have been released yet for the show, but fans are eagerly anticipating any new information.
  • The series features a talented cast, including Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina, Ana Layevska, and Ofelia Medina.
  • The themes explored in the series include family dynamics, mental illness, addiction, trauma, memory, and secrets.

“One drink is too many for me and a thousand not enough.”

  Author: Brendan Behan

Triptych 2023 is an upcoming TV series that has been generating a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry. The series is a psychological thriller created by Lulu Wang, the director behind the critically acclaimed film, The Farewell. The show is set to be released on HBO Max in late 2023, and it promises to be a must-watch for fans of the genre. In this article, we will take a closer look at the series including its plot, cast, and what viewers can expect.


When Will This Series Come On Tv

Triptych 2023 is an upcoming television series with the first episode set to premiere on February 22, 2023, in Mexico. The series is highly anticipated by fans of the mystery and crime drama genres and has generated significant buzz since its announcement. With an intriguing plot and talented cast, it promises to be a must-watch series for fans of the genre.

Trailer & Teaser

As of now, there have been no official trailers or teaser updates released for the upcoming TV series Triptych 2023. However, fans are eagerly anticipating any new information about the show, as the series premiere date of February 22, 2023, draws closer.

Cast & Crew 

  • Maite Perroni as Rebecca
  • David Chocarro
  • Flavio Medina
  • Ana Layevska
  • Ofelia Medina


Triptych 2023 explores several themes, including family dynamics, mental illness, addiction, and trauma. The show also examines the concept of memory and how it can be distorted over time. As the siblings try to uncover the truth about their father’s death, they are forced to confront their demons and the secrets they have been keeping from one another.

Plot Of The Series

2023 follows the story triptych of three siblings who are brought back together after the death of their father. The siblings, who are all estranged from one another, must come to terms with their past and their relationship with their father as they try to unravel a dark family secret. As they delve deeper into their family’s history, they realize that their father’s death may not have been an accident, and they must confront the possibility that one of them may be responsible.



Triptych 2023 is being produced by HBO Max and is created by Lulu Wang. The show is being produced by Chris Weitz and Andrew Miano under their company, Depth of Field. The show’s executive producers include Lulu Wang, Emma Stone, and John Boyega.


Triptych 2023 is an exciting new series that promises to be a gripping psychological thriller. With a talented cast and a compelling storyline, the show is sure to be a hit with viewers when it is released in late 2023. Fans of the genre will not want to miss this must-watch series, which is set to explore some of the most complex and challenging themes of our time.


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