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The Courtroom: Plot, Twist, Suspense, Action and everything you need to know

In 2004, The Courtroom was a British legal drama that aired for five episodes. It featured many former soap stars, most notably those who starred in Phil Redmond’s other productions Brookside and Hollyoaks. The show followed the lives of people working at the courtrooms in a Runcorn industrial estate, such as lawyers and clerks, including a county court judge who had been recently appointed to the Bar Council. Music was composed  . And performed by Steve Wright. The show’s promos included scenes from Brookside Village Middle School (its set) .  Which featured headmistress Fiona Pike-Haley’s classroom.

What is the plot of the story ?

Tom, a former successful barrister, is now struggling to maintain his legal career .  And also  offers himself as a defence barrister for City Magistrates Court. He hires an associate solicitor named Ben . Who has been kicked out of his house by his wife .  As he has flatly refused to leave his job and help her raise their children. The relationship between Tom and Ben is serious in their profession . But superficial outside of it. Meanwhile, Dan is the clerk of the court. His wife is expecting their first child .But they are unable to agree on names.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Barry Sloane , Claire King , John Duttine , Justine Noble , John Burke , Phil Redmond , Peter Firth, Stephen Tompkinson and Steve Wright . The character of Tom was played by Barry Sloane , Ben was portrayed by John Duttine  . Dan was portrayed by Phil Redmond and Dan’s wife, Claire King played Justine . The character of Tom’s daughter, Kate was also  portrayed by Justine Noble .

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What are the difficulties they face in the series .?

Tom, to prove himself in the court docket . Accepts a case that he has no chance of winning. Ben, who is struggling to make ends meet, relies on Tom’s financial support and is wrongly accused by the other solicitors at the court docket of being a thief. Claire King role playing Kate discovers that her father has been having an affair with a woman named Tracy. After Tom loses his first case in court . He wins another case for the same client .  And gains respect from the other solicitors at City Magistrates Court . After Claire King role playing Kate finds out about her father’s affair  . She stays with him and expresses her scorn for him after which they reconcile .


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist in the series is Dan . Who is Claire King’s husband. He gets himself into trouble .  When he takes a loan from his boss for his wife’s maternity expenses . By falsifying his financial records . After he loses the case of a client accused of theft . He tries to make up for it by falsifying information regarding another client .  In order to keep Tom’s reputation intact. The main theme of the whole series is the law  . And what it entails  .  nd the difficulties that both solicitors .  And Barristers face in trying to work around it. In an interview with Phil Redmond he mentioned that the whole idea came about from his own experiences .  As a criminal defence lawyer.

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What are the epic scenes ?

The epic scenes in the series include Tom’s first case being a murder (which he wins)  . And his daughter finding out about her father’s affair with Tracy. The opening scenes in the series include shots of Brookside Village Middle School , where Fiona Pike-Haley is headmistress. Other shots feature characters such as Charlie “Cal” Nicholls (Phil Redmond’s character from Brookside), Shirley Carter (Maxine Peake’s character from Doctors), Jez Quigley (“The Demon” on Hollyoaks) and Stella Price (also from Hollyoaks). The theme music for the programme is composed .  And also the  performed by Steve Wright .

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes , this would be a series that one can watch and gain something from it . The whole idea is an interesting idea of what happens in a courtroom and also  how the lawyers have to get their clients out of trouble . What happens outside of the courtroom is a different story and also it  is just as interesting. Thanks for reading !

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