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Critic’s Review of The Visitor: A Horror Movie With An Identity Crisis

The Visitor is a horror movie that has an identity crisis. It teeters between being a film grounded in sci-fi themes or a mystery thriller set in the modern day. As it tries to balance these two ideas, The Visitor ends up being neither.

The Visitor tries to simultaneously jump between two different stories as if someone were trying to juggle two balls. It tries to tell an unsettling, disorienting, familiar, and comforting story. Here are some of the critic’s reviews of the Visitor.

1. A Mystery with Inconsistencies

The Visitor is a mystery movie, which is supposed to be a genre many viewers like. The Visitor tries to balance being a mystery and being gritty and disorienting. It tries to tell audiences that it is mysterious by giving them clues along the way. In doing so, the movie becomes more confusing than it would otherwise be.

This causes The Visitor to have many inconsistencies throughout the film, causing confusion for the audience as well as for the characters in it. In addition to the confusion, it creates The Visitor does not make any point by being confused. It doesn’t set out to be mysterious in the first place. The movie only becomes confusing as it tries to be mysterious; therefore, the viewers can’t even tell if they know what they are watching, which makes the film less effective than it otherwise would be.


2. A Sci-Fi Story with Reality Elements

The Visitor is a sci-fi thriller that has a lot of science fiction elements in it. In order for the film to tap into its sci-fi side, it needs to show audiences some believable science-fiction concepts, such as teleportation and teleportation technology making contact with computer technology and controlling people’s minds via computers.

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The Visitor doesn’t have these elements in the film; therefore, it doesn’t make the audience feel like they see a convincing sci-fi film. Instead, the film is more of a mystery thriller that happens to have science fiction elements in it. In some ways, The Visitor even undermines itself using science fiction elements.

The movie is so heavily Sci-Fi that it creates awkwardness and tension between the viewers and the characters on screen. Not only does it create this tension between them, but viewers can tell that the characters do not believe what they are saying they believe. This makes The Visitor less believable than a film set just in our time period would be.

3. A Film with Emotional Connections

The Visitor has a lot of things going for it in terms of being creepy and mysterious. However, it lacks very important things as well, including:


The movie tries to make the audience connect with its characters by showing them as having strong relationships. The film shows that its main character and his bosses care about and protect him. However, the main character and his bosses are equally controlling, making it hard to root for either depending on which side you fall on.

The movie trailers suggest that this is a film about a connection between the main character and his mysterious guest. This connection is supposed to be the driving force behind the movie, but the bond never happens on screen. It almost feels like it should have been there, but it isn’t. By not showing either of them real emotional connections to other characters, The Visitor fails to drive home any real emotional bond between the audience and its characters.

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4. A Film with Unanswered Questions

The Visitor leaves the audience with a lot of unanswered questions. The movie has unanswered questions, such as why its characters are doing what they are doing and what could happen next. There are questions, such as “What will the real reason behind everything be?” and “Who is really behind it all?” leave audiences dissatisfied after a film.

5. A Film that is Disorienting

The Visitor is supposed to be a film that surprises the audience, using elements of “disorientation” to create a feeling of strangeness and tension. In addition to its disorientation, the film is also prolonged. It has a lot of unnecessary scenes that draw out the movie in an uncomfortable way. The Visitor even uses repetitive scenes within the same film, making it harder for viewers to watch because they have seen it before.


Even though The Visitor is a film that tries to be more than just one thing, it is less effective than it would have been if it had focused more on its science fiction theme and less on its mystery thriller theme. The Visitor fails to satisfy its audience because of all the inconsistencies in the plot, as well as all the unanswered questions. By the end of the movie, audiences feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

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