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Addictively Fun Games That Pay Real Money (2022)

Folks nowadays are glued to their phones as they find new apps and games to keep them stimulated and busy. Whether they are looking to kill some free time or go out of their way to make time out of their busy schedules to enjoy some screen time, all of us have formed this habit to some degree.

But few people know that they can make this leisure activity worthwhile by making money through gaming. Yes! You read that right. You can turn your hobby into earning passive income from playing legit games that pay real money!

Making money is essential for increasing wealth and achieving financial goals. You probably have heard of the term “Esports” and how competitive professional gaming is making a name for itself on the big stage in recent years. You may have also heard of the staggering amounts of prize money that it entails.

Making money through gaming is attractive, but if becoming a “pro” gamer to earn money sounds like a “meh I’ll pass” type of deal, then don’t worry because there are still tons of games that will pay you without all the effort of becoming a pro.


The invention of the internet has made it simpler to make money; you may now do it by completing surveys, viewing films, playing online games, etc. If you are successful at it and start earning a high income, you can also try your luck; you do not have to quit your work to do this; you can do it in your spare time.

If winning gift cards, different rewards, or just banking cash through gaming sounds like a dream too good to be true, then stick around and find out that it’s possible!

1.  Blackout Bingo

Remember back in the old days when winning at Bingo depended on your luck and the appropriate card? Well, those days are gone, the amount of money you can make with this platform is entirely up to you. 

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Everybody playing will be able to view the same balls and cards thanks to this app’s simple interface. To become a champion at bingo, you must possess a great deal of focus, quickness, and planning.


If you win, you may get cash awards via this app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS mobile devices. One round of the game lasts only two minutes and is completely free to play. You may also make use of its special features, much like boosts, to increase your chances of winning.

2.  Inbox Dollars

If you happen to be in search of online games that legitimately pay you in real money for playing, then Inbox Dollars is an ideal platform where you can find such games and much more.

This platform’s sign-up procedure only takes a couple of minutes, and here’s the real kicker, after you’re registered, you’ll also receive a $5 bonus!  Simply playing for between 5 to 10 minutes each day on Inbox Dollars can lead you to earn around $50.

Here’s something to take into consideration, the company claims that since its debut in 2000, it has given its participants financial rewards worth $60 million. You may use your PC, iOS, and Android devices to play games, post reviews, and, most importantly, earn money!


The most exciting part of this platform is that it allows users to earn money not only through playing games but also through other easy online activities such as reading advertising emails, collecting and printing voucher coupons, etc.

3.  Mistplay

This one is exclusive to Android users and pays its users for partaking in a variety of different games on its platform. With its launch in 2017, Mistplay is somewhat of a newcomer as compared to other platforms. But don’t let that take away from its quality and how rapidly it has grown its popularity.

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There are many different games to pick from, but if you want to progress through the games rapidly, you might have to make some of their in-app purchases. Because of the benefits they provide its members, they describe itself as a “loyalty program for mobile gamers,” which is perfectly accurate.

They serve a distinct purpose, which is to connect game developers with test players. The fact that the software advises gamers on which games to play to get real money is also a nice touch. Regardless of this, you can always select whatever game YOU want to play from the list, download it, and begin playing it to make money.


4.  MyPoints

Next up is MyPoints; this platform can be accessed as a website as well as a mobile app on Android and iOS. Similar to other platforms mentioned above, the opportunity to earn real money comes in the form of playing games, completing surveys, and watching videos. New users will especially be thrilled to know that MyPoints offers a $10 registration bonus, now that is a sweet offer!

Additionally, once you’ve collected 700 points, you’ll be able to participate in a survey and have your earnings cashed out instantly or get a $5 gift card.

The points may be redeemed anywhere in exchange for your favorite gift card, or you can choose to have them transferred to your PayPal account.

Not only that, when you make a purchase at a retailer’s store or online that has partnered with them, MyPoints will also provide you rewards points worth an extra 40%!


5.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a bit more special than other platforms because it offers a wider range of activities that pay users who interact with it. If you are one of those people who spend a good chunk of their time on the internet, then you just have to check out Swagbucks.

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It is a website that pays users for completing online tasks on their platform. These can include playing games, watching videos, dropping your votes in user polls, searching the web, etc.

Because of its simple user interface and simple money-making tasks, Swagbucks has earned the nickname “the internet’s go-to site.”

From any location in the world, you can use your mobile device to play games and receive prizes. Reaching a few stages in a game will reward you anywhere from $1 to $45, though progressing through the stages can be somewhat challenging.


You will be given a set of objectives for every game along with a deadline to finish each one. They offer lots of video games online, and they’ll pay you to download and play these games on your smartphone.

Final words

This is the perfect time to turn your hobby (browsing the internet, playing games, etc.) into a source of passive income. These five platforms listed above should be your starting point. So go out there and start making money by having fun!

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