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How To Choose Elixir Web Developer for Custom Product?

Elixir is a new entrant in the programming field that first featured in the market in 2011. It is a functional language that is becoming more popular among software companies. The language is dynamic and is used for creating reliable and scalable apps. Since its launch, many developers have built successful web products with the help of unique Elixir features and solutions. So, if you are a new developer with Elixir skills, you are more likely to land a job in large tech companies.

Jose Valim, a Brazilian developer, is the brains behind Elixir. He made improvements to Erlang and Ruby to create a highly functional programming language. You can easily learn Elixir and create effective apps without complicated processes. That is why it is a popular option used by many programmers today. 

If you are looking to hire productive Elixir developers, you need to choose experts with experience and skills in developing excellent products. This article gives you insightful tips to help you choose a pro Elixir web developer. 

But first, let us look at the advantages of Elixir that give it an edge in the industry.


Advantages of Elixir Web Development

As mentioned above, Elixir is the most sought-after tech stack among new developers. Here are a few reasons why it is among the languages in demand today:

  • Scalable: Since it was based on Erlang, Elixir has codes that run on light, isolated processes communicating through messages. That is why it is the best choice for building large-scale web products. 
  • Concurrent: Elixir can process multiple actions concurrently without causing any downtime. It helps high-traffic websites or apps to function seamlessly without any issues. For example, apps like Pinterest and Whatsapp operate on the Elixir model.
  • Fault tolerance: At times, you might encounter bugs during coding. Or the hardware might fail, causing your app to malfunction. Elixir provides a fault-tolerance feature that allows your app to be operational even when an error occurs. 
  • Functional: Elixir is similar to Ruby programming, which focuses on enhancing the experience of developers. Forget about the complex functions that give you sleepless nights. With Elixir, you will enjoy a smooth product development process. The codes are short and easy to execute.
  • Pattern Matching: Elixir allows you to match codes in different cases to prevent bugs. This approach will help you maintain a clean process.
  • Performance: Web products built with Elixir have high performance. The programs are superfast and efficient, making Elixir quite popular. 
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Skills To Look Out For When Choosing An Elixir Web Developer

Like any other job, Elixir web developers also have competitive skill sets that give them an edge during job interviews. You need to be familiar with the skills if you want to be shortlisted among the successful applicants.

Since Elixir has not been around for years, the most experienced web developers might only have skills in Erlang and Ruby. Therefore, hiring mid-level engineers with competency and experience in Elixir development makes sense.  

Here are some of the skills and pointers to look out for when hiring Elixir developers:

  • Functional Programming: A competent Elixir engineer should understand the significance of functional programming. You need to know how to code and create scalable products. 
  • Elixir Phoenix Skills: Many software companies pick developers with experience using Elixir and Phoenix languages. This combination is the best since it develops reliable web products. 
  • Programming Languages: Applicants need to be familiar with Ruby and Erlang since Elixir is a product of the two languages. Others include JavaScript, HTML and Git.
  • Software Engineering: An Elixir developer should have experience in developing concurrent programs.
  • Database expert: Knowledge in designing database schemas is a must-have in Elixir development. 
  • Problem Solving: Elixir developers should come up with solutions during software development. The ability to think outside the box is a plus for many experts in the programming field.
  • Teamwork: Web product developers should collaborate with the design team, product managers and other team members. 



Elixir Developer Responsibilities 

Now that you know the skills required to hire an Elixir developer, let us look at the responsibilities these programmers are typically tasked with.

  • Create top-notch web products.
  • Design and implement functional programming codes.
  • Explore high performance product designs. 
  • Review designs to meet the required software standards.
  • Develop prototype designs.
  • Collaborate with the product design team.
  • Ensure the development process is clean with usable codes. 
  • Troubleshoot and debug software design issues. 
  • Answer technical questions.
  • Manage and implement updates and additional features.
  • Assess and solve coding issues. 
  • Guide junior developers. 
  • Ensure the products are scalable and safe for release. 
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The responsibilities might vary depending on the software company and the Elixir project you are handling. However, the above is an overview of what an Elixir developer job entails. 

Elixir Is The Future

Today, the programming field is expanding as many tech professionals explore Elixir development. Many companies are at the forefront of tech progress, looking to hire the best talent in the market pool. The future is in Elixir development since technology is advancing quickly. 


More people rely on technology to accomplish various tasks, meaning the websites and applications have high user traffic. That is why Elixir developers are on demand. They can build scalable, concurrent, and highly functional apps and websites, like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. Seeing these projects’ success, many other software companies are adopting this programming language to develop exceptional web products.

Getting the right person for the job is crucial in developing scalable products. Therefore, take your time when it comes to choosing a professional Elixir web developer.  If you are still wondering if learning Elixir programming is worth a try, go for it. It will open many opportunities for you in the software industry.

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