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The Old Man : Season one gets a Finale with episode 7 .

Dan Chase is the physical embodiment of a James Bond-type secret agent without a license to kill. His days are spent in deserts, jungles, and other places where he needs two passports, fake IDs, and plenty of cash before he can even fly out. This was Chase’s life until three years ago when an assassin arrived at his house and tried to take him out. This left Chase with no choice but to disappear from the world for fear that his past would catch up with him before he could move on from it.

What is the plot of the story?

The FBI’s Harold Harper is called on to hunt him down because of his complicated past with the rogue fugitive, but when Chase’s wife Emma shows up at their doorstep and is shot in the head by an unknown attacker, Harper begins to believe that he may be on the wrong side of this chase.

Who is the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Jeff Bridges, Amy Brenneman, Chris Cooper, Rufus Sewell, Christopher Walken, Jeff Jakober, and Balthazar Getty. Jeff Bridges portrayed Dan Chase, an old operative who used to work for the government but now lives off the grid. Amy Brenneman took on Emma Chase, his wife who wants to start a new life but is shot by an assassin. Chris Cooper is Harold Harper, an FBI agent with a complicated past with Chase. Rufus Sewell is Ray Zancanelli, a gun collector whom Emma is going to sell some guns in the first scene of the film. Christopher Walken portrays Oakes, a fellow agent that Harper and Chase used to work with in their younger days. Jeff Jakober plays Ivan, one of Harold Harper’s men who gets killed.

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What are the difficulties they faced?

The difficulties they face include the fact that not only are they trying to catch Chase but they have no idea if they can trust each other. This was a big problem for Harper because he saw Chase as a friend and didn’t want him to be killed but he also knew that Chase could be a danger to others which is why he had his fellow agents kill him in the end. This movie teaches the lesson of never judging anyone until you know them. In this film, Harold Harper judged Dan Chase and decided that he needed to be stopped because of what happened in their past even though Dan was straight with him and told him exactly why he had disappeared.


Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

An antagonist is a man Chase knows only as the “Old Man” who sent a hitman to kill Chase in his home. The old man told Chase that it was nothing personal and that he had to do it to continue living his life. The old man’s motives were to continue living his life without anyone else knowing about him. Dan Chase is killed by an FBI agent who Harper had sent to take him out because he believed him to be a danger. After this, Harper meets up with Emma, Dan’s wife, and finds confirmation from her that Dan was trying to straighten his life out after killing her and their unborn child three years prior.

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What are the epic scenes?

Epic scenes include the film’s first scene where Dan and Harold Harper walk through a desert and Dan tells him about how he got out of the CIA. There is also a scene where Harold Harper goes to a hospital and talks to a doctor about how he knows Dan is alive because of how his wife would talk about him if he ever died. A couple of other epic scenes include a car chase on the streets with Emma Chase when she is shot by an assassin on her way to sell guns to Ivan and another chase between Evan, Emma’s friend, and an assassin that Harper sends after him when Evan attacks the assassin.

Who is the most loved character?

The most loved character is Dan Chase because he has had to go through so much turmoil since he left the CIA and doesn’t want to return. He has killed, stolen things, and done many other things that make one lose sleep at night but his wife still loves him and wants him back even though his past will never truly be behind him.

Would you recommend watching this?

Yes, I would recommend this movie because it is amazing and makes you cry. It teaches a lot of lessons that I feel people should know about life and has a lot of action. It gives you the message that no matter how much the bad stuff may hurt you, you can survive it.   Also tells you not to judge people without knowing them or how they acted before because everyone has something that they brought upon themselves. This movie was amazing and I would tell everyone to watch it because it’s an amazing lesson on life. Thanks for reading!

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