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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 : This new season is not considered as strong as season 2 .

In season 1, this family show establishes what it believes to be its strongest theme — that family is an indelible part of who we are as people. The relationships between these brothers are powerful and important in their way, whether it’s from grappling with each other over-complicated feelings or celebrating unity through homages to pop culture classics like Batman. Acknowledging why we need one another, avoids any unnecessary cynicism about love or self-interests so common today at the expense of emotionally honest storytelling.

What is the plot of the story?

The story is about a “family” of adopted super-powered children that are brought together by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, and trained to use their powers for good. They have different personalities and abilities but form a deep bond of love for each other. When they were young, they were told that two other members of the family died before they could be brought together. The first season follows them as teenagers figuring out their powers, while also dealing with teenage issues like drug use and feeling insecure in relationships. The second season shows them as adults dealing with the death of their adoptive father Sir Reginald Hargreeves.


Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Aidan Gallagher, Elliot Page, Mina Sundwall, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, and David Castañeda. Elliot Page portrayed the lead character of Number 5, a.k.a. The White Violin. Mina Sundwall played Allison, a.k.a. The Rumor. Tom Hopper portrayed Luther, a.k.a. Spaceboy. David Castañeda plays Diego, a.k.a Number 3, the most violent and unpredictable member of the family after Luther and Cha-Cha but also one of its most compassionate members as well as openly gay (which often leads to good-natured ribbing by his siblings).

What are the difficulties they face?

Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ disappearance and the fact that their powers begin to manifest during their teenage years make it difficult for them to live normal lives. They are also visited by an alien race called The Monocle who set up a series of tests for them and Hargreeves to determine whether humanity is worth saving from impending destruction.

What are the themes?

It’s almost impossible to discuss this show without talking about its theme. This is fairly obvious if you’ve seen the first two seasons. The family is made up of superheroes with bizarre. And complicated powers and they often struggle to maintain their own identities. While also wearing costumes that make them appear more powerful than they are. This, combined with the fact that they’re all adopted by men.  Who came up with the idea of creating a super-team. Makes it appear as though they were brainwashed.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The Monocle is the first antagonist of the series and has been around since the beginning of Hargreeves’ plans. As a race, they are aware that humanity will eventually cause their destruction. And they decide that an intervention involving other-worldly beings is necessary to prevent that from happening. Through their tests, they learn things about Hargreeve’s children.  Whether or not they’re good enough to be saved. And also give them a chance to prove themselves by completing.  Some challenges to prove themselves worthy.


What are the epic scenes?

The show isn’t short on epic action scenes but there’s one in season 1 that stands out above all others. Luther, the most violent and unpredictable member of the Hargreeves family, is forced to fight a fellow Umbrella Academy member who has been taken over by a mechanical parasite. This isn’t just an awesome display of kung-fu acrobatics — it’s also about Luther trying to save his brother’s life.

Would you recommend watching this?

I would recommend watching this. This show is both unique and surprisingly relatable. It’s a family show that also includes an insane amount of superhero action/adventure and its themes deal with the strength of family and the important role love plays in people’s lives. It seems strange to say this but this show could help people understand the strength of their relationships more deeply. Thanks for reading!


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