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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Tool Chest

Tool Chest

When setting up a workshop or garage, the tool chest will be an important item on the list. Tool chests provide well-organised, secure storage for an array of tools. They are generally made of metal, though plastic options are also available.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a tool chest, starting with what a tool chest looks like and the options available. 


Tool chests are available in multiple sizes, ranging in dimension from 470mm to around 600mm in height and length up to 1035mm. 

The size of your workshop will determine the size of your tool chest. To fit into narrow spaces, two smaller tool chests might work better than one larger one. 


Wheels and Handles

Depending on the model, tool chests will have four to six wheels both swivel and fixed, with braking mechanisms. Loop handles are situated on both sides with some offering an extended handle. 

If you need to move your tool chests around frequently, ensure you have good quality wheels and handles to manipulate them around hazards. 


Tool chests can be simply an open boxes however most styles are rectangular boxes with any number of drawers in different sizes and configurations. Variances are available such as a two-levelled chest with drawers on both levels split into two sides and other models which come with side cabinets. Tool chests can also come as wheeled boxes without drawers.

Before you buy, make a list of which tools you need to be stored in the tool chest and ensure that you have the right size drawer for each type of tool. Most people consider how many tools they currently have when thinking about the size of the tool chest they need. When making your choice also leave space for any future tools or designs.


Special features 

Power drawers

The Facom JET trolley provides six drawers that come with their own power board. This allows you to save workbench space when charging your power tools and means you can leave them charging in a locked up and secure location. 

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Most tool chests have a space for a worktop, with extensions available. The plastic wheeled chest comes with a top tray that has moulded space for small items. Extra worktop space is extremely useful for small workspaces and any work outside. 


To add an extra dimension to your tool chest you can consider adding the following you-beaut accessories. 

  • Laptop stand
  • Shelf
  • Paper roll holder
  • Pull out bin 
  • Elevated drawers 
  • Locking bar 


Most tool chests come with central locking devices which allow all drawers to be locked simultaneously with one key. 

Your tool chest can be just a place to store your tools or can be a means to better productivity and efficiency. Take your time to consider all the options and how they work best in both your space and your tool sets. 


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