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The Power of the Dog : Benedict Cumberbatch starring movie will hit the theatres soon!!

The Power of the Dog

The Power of The Dog is a movie that will be released theatrically in the United States soon. The movie is based on a novel written by Thomas Savage and directed by Jane Campion. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Phil Burbank, who portrays Phil Burkank in The Power of The Dog. The story revolves around the character Phil Burbank who is a cowboy and he can castrate calves sadistically. Phil Burbank is a mean character. Once again Benedict Cumberbatch will portray a homosexual character. Aren’t you excited about the movie? Yes, I guess. Stay tuned for more details before you watch the movie in theatres.

When does the movie The Power of The Dog release theatrically?

The Power of The Dog release date is set to be on November 17, 2021 (USA). The movie was premiered at 78th Venice International Film Festival in September. The movie is a highly anticipated movie.

Will the movie The Power of The Dog stream on Netflix?

Yes, The Power of The Dog will stream on Netflix. The movie will be available to watch on Netflix from December 1, 2021. The movie is going to be a treat for Benedict Cumberbatch fans and the audience at large looking for a drama thriller. The storyline is unique and intriguing, which makes it even more exciting.

The Power Of The Dog' Trailer: Jane Campion's First Feature Film Since 2009  Arrives This Fall

Who will be in the cast of The Power of the Dog movie?

The movie has an ensemble list of cast. We can watch the performance of amazing actors in the movie.


The cast includes

  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Phil Burbank
  • Kirsten Dunst as Rose Gordon
  • Jesse Plemons as George Burbank
  • Kodi Smit-Mcfee as Peter Gordon
  • Thomasin Mckenzie  as Lola
  • Genevieve Lemon  as Mrs. Lewis
  • Keith Carradine as Governor Edward
  • Frances Conroy as Old Lady
  • Peter Carroll as Old Gent
  • Adam Beach as Edward Nappo
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What is the storyline of the movie?

The movie follows Phil Burbank who is mean and cruel. He has a secret past of romance, fragility, and power. Burbank brothers are the rich ranch owners in Montana. On the way to the market from Red Mill market, the Burbank brothers meet Rose, a widowed proprietress, and her meek son. Phil behaves cruelly to both of them making them cry. All his fellow cowhands laugh except his brother George who returns to marry Rose. However, Phil continues to taunt and frighten Rose. He mocks her son Peter Gordon and Phil is cheered by his cowhand disciples. Phil is exposed when he softens his approach towards Peter, hinting homosexual relationship with him.

What can the audience expect from the movie?

Watch 'The Power of the Dog' Trailer Starring Kirsten Dunst

The audience can expect the movie to be a nail-biting thriller with a climax twist. The movie is worth watching for its storyline and direction by Jane Campion, who has received international acclaim for her films such as The Piano (1993) and Portrait of a Lady (1996). The film is an adaptation of the novel written by Thomas Savage in 1967. To sum up, the film explores violence and psychological tension between characters. Furthermore, it’s a story about how people are driven by fear. Finally, viewers will get insights into Burbank’s mind as he struggles with his own demons. We can expect a rich storyline, great direction by Jane Campion, and an outstanding performance by Benedict Cumberbatch who will be portraying Phil Burbank in this movie.

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Is the trailer released for the movie?

Yes, the trailer of the movie is released that gives an idea about the story of The Power of The Dog.


Is the movie worth watching?

Yes, The Power of The Dog is worth watching as it has a powerful storyline. It will not disappoint you because the movie has a great direction by Jane Campion. We can expect an outstanding performance by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Why do I recommend watching the movie?

I recommend watching the movie because The Power of The Dog is an engaging movie which has a great storyline and I think everyone will enjoy watching this film. The audience can expect an outstanding performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, Jane Campion’s amazing direction in the movie that makes it worth watching!

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