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Bigger Season 2 :Is it Worth watching?

Bigger Season 2

Bigger Season 2 was premiered in April 2021. But is the show worth watching? The Bigger series premiered on BET+ in September 2019. Bigger Season 1 was released over a year ago and many people are wondering if Bigger Season 2 will be worth their time. Both seasons were received well by fans. Bigger Season one was released in September 2018 and Bigger season two premiered in April 2020, which is over a year apart from each other.

The series revolves around a single black woman living in Atlanta. The five thirty-something groups of friends want to find something bigger and better in their stagnant lives. It is loved by viewers because it talks about real-life situations and we can relate to the characters through their struggles.

When did Bigger Season 2 release on BET+?

Bigger season two premiered on BET+ on April 22, 2021. The first season was a huge success and Bigger season two has also done a good job. The audience loves the series because Bigger season two talks about real-life situations which we can relate to the characters in Bigger Season Two.

Bigger: Season 2 – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

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The cast in Bigger Season 2

  • Tanisha Long as Layne Roberts
  • Angell Conwell as Veronica Yates
  • Rasheda Crockett as Tracey Davis
  • Tristen J. Winger as Vince
  • Chase Anthony as Deon

What is the storyline of the series?

It follows the lives of five friends who live in Atlanta. They are trying to build their professional and personal life but it is impeded by the lack of love in their life. The story focuses on a single black woman who is threatened by the very thought of getting married to a boring-in-bed boyfriend. The sudden death of their college acquaintance makes them realize there is something bigger and better they want in life.

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Bigger Season 2 Recap

Bigger Season 2: Release Date, Cast, BET, New Season/Cancelled

Tracey, Veronica, and Vince all have trouble with their relationships. Tracey is upset that Aaron cheated on her. In Veronica’s mind, Ken was after an idea, not necessarily her. But when it comes to Shoshana, it appears he feels limited if Shoshana is investing in him the way he is. Therefore, he breaks up with her rather than talking it out since everyone seems to be at this point. They found no sense in continuing the conversation. Layne and Deon are getting along well since they are willing to talk things over.

How Popular is the series?

This Bigger series has been well received by many viewers. The first Bigger season was a hit for the BET channel and therefore, this Bigger Season two should be watched online as well.

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Is the series worth watching?

Yes, Bigger Season Two is worth watching because Bigger season one was an interesting series that brings out the difficult issues in every relationship. Bigger Series two will be more than just a drama since each episode promises to provide some inspiration for everyone who watches it.

Why do I recommend watching the series?

Bigger is a very entertaining show with an excellent cast of characters. Their interactions are interesting to watch because each character has their own emotional baggage that complicates things further. This Bigger series can make you laugh out loud from time to time. But it also keeps you on your toes at all times! You will not regret watching Bigger season one or two!

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My reviews about the series

I give Biggerseries five stars out of five for bringing awareness about life, love, and relationships among people with different backgrounds. You can watch the Bigger series online on the BET+ channel. I loved everything about Biggers season one except Aaron cheating on Tracey(my favorite). It made me mad and I was disappointed. Bigger Season two is much better than Biggers season one because all the loose ends were tied up! Bigger series will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between if you a fan of drama like me then watch Bigger as soon as possible on Amazon Prime.

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