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Dogs in Space season 1 : Is it worth watching?

Dogs in Space season 1

Dogs in Space season 1 is an animated action-adventure series, that has just been released on Netflix. Dogs in Space follows the story of a group of genetically enhanced dogs in search of a planet that can save humanity. They would have to try to make their way home through space. The animation looks great, and it will keep you hooked with its interesting storyline. Dogs in Space season 1 has a voice cast, Haley Joel Osment, as Garbage, who is one of the main characters of the series. Dogs in Space season 1 has 10 episodes which are approximately 22 minutes long each, making it perfect for binge-watching! So far the reviews about the series are great. We shall glance through more details about the series.

When did Netflix release Dogs in Space season 1?

The series was released on November 18, 2021.

The voice cast in Dogs in Space season 1

It includes

  • Haley Joel Osment as Garbage
  • Gracen Newton as Puppy Garbage
  • Sarah Chalke as Stella
  • Kimiko Glenn as Nomi
  • Sophie Jean Wu as Puppy Nomi
  • Chris Parnell as Ed
  • Dawson Griffen as Puppy Ed
  • David Lopez as Chonies
  • Dylan Alvarado as Puppy Chonies

What is the storyline of the series Dogs in Space season 1?

A Crew Starts an Important Mission on 'Dogs in Space' Season 1 - The Good  Men Project

The series follows a group of genetically enhanced dogs who are sent across the universe to search for a new home for humans. Their mission is to save humanity. But importantly they have to reach back to their owners safely.


The trailer is here

Have a look at the amazing trailer of the series. The trailer when released was received wholeheartedly by the audience.

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What does the audience have to say about the series?

The audience of Dogs in space had mixed reviews about the series. However, positive reviews outweighed the negative ones. Viewers loved the series due to its unique storyline, characters, and animation. The ten episodes of the series were binge-watched by the audience. Undoubtedly viewers have the opinion that dogs in space season one have an action-packed storyline that will keep you hooked throughout the show. The series was a treat to watch for all those who loved animation and science fiction series. So if you haven’t yet started watching it we recommend that you do it before someone spoils everything!

The number of episodes:

Dogs In Space has only ten episodes which makes this show easy to catch up with as well as enjoy without wasting too much time.


Is there going to be a second season for this show?

Netflix hasn’t announced any news regarding season 2. But we can certainly hope that they will pick up the pace soon because the first one looks amazing! It happens soon as the first series definitely deserves a sequel!

Is the series worth watching?

Dogs in Space (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

Yes, Dogs in Space is worth watching! Dogs In Space has great characters with an interesting story to follow. It’s a very promising series that will probably have more seasons soon enough. The fact that Haley Joel Osment gives life to one of this show’s main characters makes the series even cooler! The storyline of the series is really interesting, it’s filled with action and adventure. It’s an amazing sci-fi show about dogs trying to find a way back home while also saving humans from becoming extinct! Dogs In Space season one is out now only on Netflix so go check it out if you like science fiction or animated shows based around animals (like Zootopia).

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Why do I recommend watching the series?

I would definitely recommend you to watch Dogs in Space if you are looking for something new and exciting to watch on Netflix. The beautiful story of Dogs, their mission, is very intriguing indeed! It keeps the audience glued till the end. And not only that but also has heart-touching moments which make it an all-inclusive package altogether. So yeah give this inspiring show a chance and enjoy its episodes with your kids or family members as well!

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