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The Black Phone : The Horror Flick to debut on theatres!!

The Black Phone

The movie The Black Phone is a horror movie. It is doubtless that the sadistic killer will leave you terrified. This movie is all about Ethan Hawke who plays a kidnapper in this American supernatural horror film. The trailer has already been released. The audience can expect to see a lot of gore and blood with some creepy music playing in the background after watching it. It is based on the short story of the same name written by Joe Hill. With the direction of Scott Derrickson, we can expect the movie to be thrilling and scary. This movie should be watched by people who love watching horror movies because it will not disappoint them at all.

The Black Phone: Release Date

THE BLACK PHONE | Fantastic Fest

The Black Phone release date is February 4, 2022. The movie was premiered at Fantastic Fest in September 2021.

The cast details of the movie The Black Phone

  • Ethan Hawke is the sadistic kidnapper and serial killer who kidnaps children
  • Mason Thames as Finney Shaw, is the 13-year-old boy being kidnapped in the movie
  • Madeleine McGraw as Gwen Shaw is the sister of Finney Shaw
  • Jeremy Davies as Mr. Shaw
  • James Ransone as Max

What is the plot of The Black Phone movie?

The movie is set in the 1970s. The kidnapper Ethan Hawke kidnaps a boy named Finney Shaw. However, Finney Shaw discovers a black phone in the soundproof basement where he is kidnapped. Through the phone, he communicates with the murdered children. They try to help Finney Shaw to escape from the kidnapper. The movie follows the parents as they try to find their child and discover that he is being held captive by a sadistic killer. Finney Shaw’s sister has repeated dreams where she gets some clues about the whereabouts of her brother.

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The Trailer is out and it has hair-raising scenes


The dark and disturbing footage of this horror movie hints that the audience will see some bloodbath in it for sure! The trailer does not reveal much about the story. But leaves us with curiosity to know what is there in store for us.

What is the audience expecting from the movie?

The audience is expecting The Black Phone to be a spine-chilling thriller!! The trailer does not reveal anything about the story. But it has left us pondering that what’s in store for us, which definitely makes our adrenaline rush high! Any horror fanatic would enjoy watching The Black Phone on screen. And if you are looking out for some thrill and suspense then go grab your tickets now. Because The Black phone will give you just that!

Is the movie really worth seeing?

The Black Phone' Trailer: Ethan Hawke Stars in Blumhouse Horror - Variety

Yes, definitely yes! Because you cannot come across such kind of thrillers these days which have all suspenseful elements in them so perfectly. The movie is expected to keep you at the edge of your seat. The movie has all good reviews coming from its viewers at Fantastic Fest. So, what are you waiting for? The Black Phone has everything in it- suspense, thrills, and scares. It’s a one-time watch so go grab your seats when it debuts on theatres.

Who can watch this movie?

The promo material gives an impression that horror genre lovers are going to enjoy its thrills. But many others may shy away from watching it because their hearts cannot stand such terror scenes. So, if you like your movies filled with chills & thrills then go ahead without any second thought!! This film is suitable for those people who love movies in the thriller genre. It’s perfect for young adults between 15-25 years old, though there are no restrictive age groups for watching this film The Black Phone. But I strongly suggest kids not watch the movie. Because it will not be suitable for them to this undeniably scary movie.


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