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5 Steps to Take After You Get Hurt in an Accident


No one wants to get into an accident, but it can happen to you unexpectedly. When this happens, you may wonder what steps you should take to protect yourself after you get injured. We want to point out five steps you should keep in mind, so you can avoid legal issues while seeking assistance as you need it.

Find Witnesses

After you get in an accident, you should look for people around you to get some witnesses. When people get into accidents, they may overlook this part, but it matters since you may need to call on them during a legal situation. See if you can talk with anyone and ask them if they can share their perspective with the police.

The police will take down names and ask witnesses what happened. You can also see if you can get the contact information from each other to ask for help as needed. This could end up helping you if you go into court since they can be witnesses for you.

Exchange Information

You also need to collect information for anyone directly involved with the accident. As you do this, make sure you exchange information with the other person, so you can talk with each other when you need to. This should include pictures of your IDs, insurance information as applicable, phone numbers, and other important information.


You exchange information to avoid unnecessary problems later. For example, if you end up in a car crash, you will want to get all the necessary contact information from everyone involved in it. Even if you get injured in a store, you can get information from the local manager and the store to make sure you cover all your bases.

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Call the Police

As you get all this information, you should also call the police and have them stop by. Depending on the situation, you should either call 911 for an emergency or call the local police for smaller injuries. Either way, you want the police to visit if you get in an accident that involves an injury.


The police officers will take notes during the accident, so you can use their statements in court as needed. You can also have them take written statements from witnesses and others to provide you further support and evidence. If you get hurt during an accident, you need to inform the police if you want to get it covered.


Find a Lawyer

Once you go to the hospital and cover your needs, you can get in contact with a lawyer for additional help. For example, if you face a car accident and injuries in New York, you can talk with a New York personal injury lawyer about the legal actions you should take. If you plan to take the injury to court, you must get in contact with a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries in the city.


While you can tackle a court case without an attorney, you become more likely to lose the case without a lawyer. Make sure you contact one if you plan to go to court or the other side plans to take you to court.

Contact Your Insurance Company as Needed

Depending on the type of accident you got into, you will need to inform your insurance company about it. For example, if you end up in the hospital, you should tell your health insurance about which hospital you went to. If you get in a car accident, your car insurance needs to hear about the situation.



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By contacting your insurance about these types of details, you can give them a heads up about the situation. Since your insurance will need to contact the hospital and know these details, you can simplify the process for everyone by keeping them informed. It never hurts to contact your insurance company and let them know to avoid unnecessary problems later on.


As you use these steps, you will go through the process and ensure you protect yourself during an accident. Whether you got injured or were involved in the process, these tips can help you throughout with accidents. Make sure you use each of them whenever you need to seek help after getting in an accident.



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