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5 Best Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are currently a thing among the fashion crowd. As these extensions can instantly glam up the look, multiple generations of people are going crazy about it. However, many types of hair extensions are available in the market; therefore, it is likely that a beginner gets confused or overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. 

There are clip in extensions, flip-in extensions, and many more, so it isn’t easy to know the type that works best for a person. Extensions can be made of human or synthetic hair, so choose one depending on your budget. 

Here is a beginner’s list of the type of extensions one can get in the market today.

1. Clip-ins

Clip-in weaves, or hair extensions, can be easily attached to the natural hair through pressure-sensitive clips. These extensions are easy to maintain and blend perfectly with the hair to create a natural look. 


Even though the extensions need to be removed before going to bed, clip in extensions do not damage the hair or cause traction alopecia. Clip-ins are also usually available in a range of hair shades so they can seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

You can easily attach the clip-on by yourself at home. Even a beginner can easily attach the natural hair clip-ins within 15 minutes. Besides, an expert can easily install the hair extensions in about five to ten minutes. These extensions also have an incredibly long life as one won’t be using them for their everyday look. 

2. Flip-in Extensions

Flip-in extensions or halo extensions use only one weft of hair instead of multiple extensions. A transparent wire is placed like a halo around the head to secure the weft. The weft is attached to the bottom half to blend it with the natural hair. The wire remains hidden under the natural hair and does not damage the scalp. 

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As the attachment of the weft remains separate, the weight on the scalp becomes significantly less. Although the process can be done at home, a typical salon appointment for extensions will cost around $300. An expert can also secure the weft within five minutes, and the extensions are more likely to last longer. 


3. Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are excellent for people with thin hair. As the extensions are secured through tiny tapes, the natural hair remains hidden beneath two pre-taped hair extensions. 

The tapes are invisible and lie flat against the scalp. Tape-in extensions are easy to maintain as they are not washed away by shampoo or conditioners. These can last six to eight weeks, and an expert will take around two hours to tape the extensions. However, the removal liquid can be flammable, and an expert’s help is recommended to remove it. 

4. Sew-in Extensions

Sew-in or braided extensions can be an excellent choice for people with curly or coarse hair. The natural hair is braided from ear to ear to form a firm base so that extensions can attach seamlessly. The entire process can take about five hours, and the results can last 12 weeks. 

5. Cold and Hot Fusion

Cold fusion hair extension consists of two methods – micro loop and micro ring. Even though the micro-loop method is user-friendly, the micro-ring process can be easily maintained. 


However, the hot-fusion method consists of filling the hair strands with keratin. Although the approach is gentler on the strands, the artificial filling of keratin can cause severe damage to the hair. 

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Final Thoughts

Even though one can opt for any of the methods above, clip-in hair extensions are the safest. Not only are they easy to apply, they are also easy to take off, and cause little to no damage to your natural hair. 

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