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All American Homecoming: know the cast, plot and many more updates

All AMeican Homecoming

After a long wait, the All American Homecoming drama has finally returned. This show is about a close-knit group of friends who are all going to high school together in their small hometown of Dillon, Texas. There will be plenty of laughs and tears as they grow up and go through life’s ups and downs.

“All American homecoming ” is about what?

“All American homecoming” tells us that there are many ways people can turn out in life even though they have had very similar childhoods. They might not know it now, but these kids will become doctors, lawyers, CEOs, or anything else you want them to if only given a chance! We’ll see how each person chooses this way for themselves over time because everyone deserves the best shot.

“All American homecoming ” is about how the differences in these kids will just make them stronger friends, and by understanding each other’s worlds, they’ll be able to see themselves more clearly. The show follows a group of friends who are all going through the same rites of passage at the age of 16-17 years old that we’ve seen on so many high school shows before.” All American homecoming ” has been renewed for season two! What will happen with Coach Taylor? Will he start dating again?

What is casting in “All American Homecoming”?

None of the main characters have yet been announced so far, but we can only speculate until then who they might be considering that there’s no release date set just yet; however, some role ideas could include:


Trevor Taylor: son of Coach Jason Taylor and his wife, the unexpected star athlete who is recruited to play football for a school on another side of town. He could be cast as an outsider-type character who’s not too keen about coming back to CWC once he gets there (think “Freaks & Geeks” in this case)

Will Any Cast Members of 'All American' Star in the Spinoff?


Alisha Young: Trevor’s girlfriend from his old neighborhood but has been accepted into her dream college early decision across town with strong academics; she could also come off as an overachiever type at first glance and is always trying to prove herself despite being overlooked because of where she lives or was raised by parents. She would make a great foil for Trevor – someone who can see the world as a meritocracy but has to find out that it isn’t one for everyone.

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Sydney Young: Alisha’s little sister who is also an overachiever, she scores high on standardized tests and always does well in school – Sydney could be cast as a know-it-all type character at first glance, someone who seems like they’re perfect (and maybe even condescending) when people start interacting with her because of where she lives or was raised by parents. She would make for another great foil for Trevor’

What is the plot?

The movie is based on the life of former USC football player Spencer Paysinger who now plays for the New York Giants. This film will be a fantastic addition to Netflix’s original movies in 2019! Watch out for this feel-good coming-of-age story about love rooted deeply in family relationships that you can’t afford to miss!

The plot revolves around the life of Trevor, who is a ‘good-looking’ high schooler from Kansas. He gets to live out his dream by playing football for Beverly Hills High School’s team on scholarship and joins their lives as they are carefree, rich, and full of opportunity. However, soon after, he starts noticing that things are not always what it seems in this town with different social classes where there is no room for an outsider like him.


But even with all odds against them, both Alisha and Sydney show up at practices to cheer Trevor on without any motive other than friendship – showing how relationships can happen across differences if people have open hearts. After some time trying to figure out his place between two worlds – rural America and the privileged life in Beverly Hills, Trevor realizes that his heart is there with Alisha and Sydney.

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When will be air on?

The pilot, which was directed by Michael Schultz (All AmericanBlack Lightning), will air on Monday, July 5, in the US as part of All American season three.

All American airs on The CW and Netflix in the States, but it doesn’t currently have a home in the UK. It remains to be seen whether Homecoming will land a streamer on this side of the pond.

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