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Loki’s TVA: Secrets Revealed For The Fans

Loki TVA

Ever since the release of his debut album, Loki has been shrouded in secrecy. Who is this guy? Where did he come from? What’s with that TVA acronym on his album cover and website? All these questions were answered during a recent interview where Loki revealed the truth behind his identity, as well as how it ties into what you see on TV.

TVA (Time Variance Authority) Details:

The Time Variance Authority (TVA) is an organization that regulates the timeline of Marvel’s Universe. If one attempts to use time travel to alter either the past or future, they have to answer to the TVA.

The group’s influence hasn’t been absolute. It has never been successful in stopping powerful villains like Kang the Conqueror from going on their own evil escapades, and it has not stopped the X-Men from screwing up reality over and over again.

In spite of this, the TVA did do its part to keep things at bay from growing too far out of control which is a lot of responsibility for an organization that doesn’t have much merit.


Any time that the timeline changes – which is often when we are traveling through it to create stories in alternate realities – a new artificial clone becomes alive. They are called chronomonitors, and every time this happens, they have no memory of their past life as if it were erased.

The TVA has a handful of judges Justice Peace, Justice Love, and Justice Goodwill, who enforce the agency’s regulations. The Chief Judge is known as Mr. Alternity, and the rest are forced to go rogue and commit crimes themselves sometimes.

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Loki’s Time Variance Authority (TVA) Explained:

Marvel reveals to viewers what Loki is up to these days on TVA, and it turns out that, before his death in Avengers: Infinity War – a version of the character from before his death is still alive and has been seen.

MCU Theory: Loki Is Fixing Broken Timelines for the TVA | CBR


Numerous set photos and rumors show that the character will go back in time to tamper with human history. I suppose it’s no surprise that he’ll come into contact with members of the TVA.

Loki’s brother is Thor, and he usually outwits him. Dr. Doom is a different case, though, because of how cunning he is, and that will make it tough for Loki, especially during season one when the TVA catches him.


Even if Loki’s TVA doesn’t exist, there are still means to imprison the newest Avenger villain. There are metaphorical “watchdogs” such as Chronomonitors and individuals like Justice Peace who could hold him in custody for a relatively short time period with little effort when he is apprehended.

This character, who first teamed up with Thor in the movie “Thor: The Dark World,” is not someone Loki would want to keep trapped for long.

Marvel Studios seem to have teased a lot of connections between its Disney+ shows and the MCU movies (Loki is directly connected to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), but there might be an even greater reason why it’s so important for this upcoming She-Hulk series.

One of the many Marvel Cinematic Universe institutions, the TVA has been involved over the years with She-Hulk’s firm and her law practice.

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