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Money Heist Season 5: New Set Images Are out! Do fans love the look of the new season?

Money Heist Season 5

If you’re a fan of the Money Heist series, then this is just what you’ve been waiting for! The first set of images are out, and they are nothing short of impressive. It’s not every day that fans get to see how their favourite show will look like in season 5, so it’s no wonder that they want to know more. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the general plot points and cast members, as well as share some new information on MoneyHive Season 5.


Money Heist Season 5 will release in two five-episode halves, with Volume 1 dropping September 3, followed by Volume 2 on December 3. The Spanish series’ season 4 was watched by 65 million Netflix member households in the first 28 days, a record that has only been broken by the French mystery thriller Lupin earlier in 2021 that drew 76 million eyeballs in the same period.

Money Heist's Tokyo celebrates season 5 wrap with set photos: 'The end has come, going to miss my friends' | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Source: The Indian


The first-look images of the show’s new characters have been released, and they’re a doozy. Fans are excited to see the additions to their team, including Oscar (Miguel Herranz), Lea (Anya Lahiri), and Lobo, who is played by Juan Vidal.

We also get a good look at Gabi (Daniela Velasco) and Clara (Aida Folch), who are both returning to the show.

New characters have been revealed, with Oscar being played by Miguel Herranz; Lea is being played Anya Lahiri, and Lobo is portrayed Juan Vidal while new additions include Gabi being Daniela Velasco and Antena, and Oscar from the ” El Comisario” series. Plus we’ll see actors Ana Wagener (Asesinos) and Miguel Herranz (El Comisario) join the cast!


Do fans want to know if Money Heist Season Five will be as good as previous seasons? Will it live up to their expectations? They’re excited about new faces joining in on all the action, but of course, they are most intrigued by Lobo’s character – who could he possibly be?! We also find out that there have been some changes made behind the scenes for this season, including a few crew members returning who were not present during the past four seasons. It looks like Money Heist is back with a vengeance for its fifth instalment!

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There will be many changes; for Money Heist Season Five; as it features different crime scenes; than previous seasons; with new costumes, set design, props, weapons, and vehicles! We’ll also meet some fresh faces; in season five; like Maite Suarez Gómez from “El último de Los Mohicans” series portraying Josephine; an attractive woman; with a mind for a business; who becomes a partner in crime, Ana Wagener; from “Los Asesinos” series portraying Lola; a sexy and calculating woman; who is also the new love interest; for El Comisario.

The season features; a brand new look; for the gang’s “exquisite” kidnappings: they’ll be using latex masks; with wigs; instead of last year’s rubber ones, which were easy to identify by fans.

There also appears; to be some potential changes; coming up with how each character communicates; on social media; in ‘Money Heist’ Season four, it was revealed; that one of the criminals; had been communicating; with police; via WhatsApp messages; left behind after he scammed them out; of €20 million (£17m).



A new character is being introduced to the Money Heist world: Lola, a sexy and calculating woman who is also the new love interest for El Comisario.

In a recent interview with cast member Juan Manuel de la Rosa, he said that the new season would be “more intense” than before and will have lots of action scenes. Fans are currently speculating what this could mean for each character’s storyline – the most popular theory is that El Comisario will go undercover to infiltrate Lola’s organization to get closer to her.

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The countdown to Money Heist season 5 has begun. The show, which is now 92 days away from its release on Netflix, is keeping fans excited and intrigued about what lies ahead for the gang of robbers who are currently undertaking the biggest heist in history, the gold at the Bank of Spain. And as we count days, here are some exclusive stills from the upcoming season and BTS clicks, enough to keep fans on their toes.

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