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“Lady Loki?” The 3rd Episode of the Marvel Series “Loki” Breakdown

lady loki

In this episode of the Loki series, we get to see some more backstory on Lady Loki. It is revealed that she was born in Asgard as a powerful sorceress and enchanter. She is also shown to be one of Odin’s many children with his mistress, Jord. The question remains: is Lady Loki really an enchantress? Or does she have something else up her sleeve? Tune in next week for another breakdown!

In this episode, there are some great insights into Lady Loki’s character. We see that she is not the villain of the story at all but rather an ally to Thor and her brother. Her motives may be distorted in our eyes because we know nothing about her backstory or feelings on Asgardian politics.*

As seen in tonight’s episode, it becomes clear that Lady Loki has just as much potential with magic as any other god/goddess from Odin’s children. This means that she was born powerful and knew how to use this power very well before coming into contact with Chitauri technology.

What is “Lady Loki”? Is it a rumor?

Lady Loki is an urban legend from the late Marvel comics. It’s a rumor now that she will be in the third episode of “Loki.” One thing we do know: her character isn’t just going to be another villain for our heroes to overcome. Tune into next week’s episode breakdown for more insights!


The Lady Loki theory was first introduced by comic book readers who were looking forward with excitement to Thor as well as anticipating how his brother, Loki, would return after being replaced by Doctor Strange in “Avengers” (2012). They believed there might be clues about what kind of role Lady Loki could play on the screen based on name alone.

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In the comics, Loki disguised himself as a female and is considered to be one of Thor’s greatest enemies. There are also other theories that she might have been an incarnation of Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch.

The comic book readers weren’t wrong: The idea may not have come from anywhere after all! In recent interviews with Tom Hiddleston, he revealed Lady Loki would indeed appear in “Loki.” He told MTV News exclusively (in November 2016) that there is going to be a lot more fighting than what viewers usually see on screen for him–and it should make audiences excited. Hiddleston said, “I was so thrilled by them using this character I thought they were never going to use again because my memories of playing here are so good, I thought they were never going to use her again. And then we got the call that she’s coming back, and it was one of those moments where you’re like, ‘Thank God! Yes!’”

Who is Lady Loki in 'Loki'? Who Is the Varient in Loki?

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Is “Lady Loki” actually enchantress?

In the first two episodes, Loki has been struggling with his identity. He’s wrestling to be a good person and find his true self–but deep down, he longs for power. In “The Lady” episode of “Loki,” we’re introduced to another side of him: an Asgardian goddess by the name of Hela (who is played by actress Cate Blanchett) who possesses similar powers as Thor. We’ll soon see if she turns out to be a friend or foe!

She may not have appeared in these last few episodes, but it seems like this next one will introduce us to more about her background story — which could mean that, yes, Lady Loki might actually turn out to be Enchantress after. All!


This episode showed a new side to Loki, as he is now able to use his sorcery more effectively. In the last two episodes of “Loki,” we’ve seen him struggling with being good and finding himself–but deep down, he longs for power. He’s still not sure who (or what) exactly he wants to be: Thor or Loki? However, in this next episode, it seems like there will be some background information about Hela and her storyline, which could mean that, yes, Lady Loki might actually turn out to be Enchantress after all!

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Are there any updates on “Lady Loki”?

The Marvel series “Loki” is released every Wednesday on the Disney+ platform.

Episode three of the show will feature more about Lady Loki’s background story, which could mean that she might turn out to be Enchantress after all!

My personal opinion on Episode three: I was very excited when I saw this new episode as it incorporates more into Lady Loki’s story, and it might be that she turns out to be Enchantress after all!


It’s very exciting because I’m a huge fan of the character, so this episode has been one of my favorites in the series so far. It was great seeing more about her background story as well as becoming even more interested in what may happen with Lady Loki next time round…

so, stay tuned because, Episode 3 of Loki will release on Disney+ on June 23rd, 2021

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