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Lucifer Season 6 Will Have A Time-Jump From season 5B! Cast, Plot and Netflix Release Date!

Netflix has finally released some new information about Lucifer Season 6! The show will be renewed for a sixth season but will jump from the events of season 5B. There is no word on when it’ll come out yet, but we do know that the first episode will air on Netflix in 2021-22.

In this article, we’ll talk all about what’s happening with Lucifer Season 6 and fill you in on what to expect, as well as who’s coming back for another round of devilish fun!

The Cast of Lucifer Season 6:

Lucifer Morningstar will be played by Tom Ellis in Lucifer Season six.

Charlotte Richards, aka Linda Martin, will also return to play the role of Charlotte Richards-Martin for season six! She’s a detective; who is now working with Lucifer on his cases. And has been promoted at work; because she was so good; at figuring out how to help him during season five; while they were looking into Cain’s case.


Jenny Decker (played by Aimee Garcia) – Jenny is back too. And taking care of Trixie; after her kidnapping ordeal; with Charlotte in Season Five. She isn’t sure if she wants Lucifer as part of her life again, but we know he’ll do anything to get that relationship back on track because it’s so important to him.

Lucifer Season 6 Renewed By Netflix?


Jenifer Decker has a sister named Trixie, who Lucifer is very protective of because she’s the only family he really has left after his mother died in season three.

Trixie (played by Scarlett Estevez) – Trixie was kidnapped and held captive for days while it looked like Jenny had set her up as bait for Charlotte Richards-Martin on the case they were working together with Lucifer and Chloe Decker last season. She hung out with Lucifer more than once during that ordeal, but we know now that wasn’t why she wanted to be around him – it was because she trusted him from how he took care of her when one day of captivity turned into weeks!

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I’m sure you’re wondering when will Season six of Lucifer be released on Netflix?

Well, as it stands right now, there is no release date set, but we can speculate a few possibilities! First off, if they have a time-jump storyline, then this could take place anywhere between September 2021 and March 2022, depending on how many episodes are planned out. Showrunner Joe Henderson said filming would start “in early summertime.”


Lucifer Season 6 Synopsis:

Netflix has not released the synopsis for season 6, but we have a good idea of what’s going to happen initially. At the end of season 5, Lucifer saves Chloe from Death and Heaven, defeats Michael, and becomes the new God. We don’t know what this will mean for all of those around Lucifer or what it means for Lucifer’s new responsibilities.

Hopefully, Deckerstar will still happen, but it’s now up in the air. Lucifer has work to do!

We also have the lingering Dan situation to figure out. Dan died in season 5 and was sent to Hell. Will Lucifer save his soul?

We’ll find out in Lucifer season 6!


Frequently Asked Questions about Lucifer Season 6:

Is Lucifer ending after season six?

No, it is not!

Lucifer season seven will be released on Netflix. They are working towards a finale of the series that will deliver everything we want from Lucifer.

Netflix has even spoken about what might happen with our favourite fallen Angel if this show gets cancelled. They have confirmed Lucifer would continue to live on, and episodes would still appear on Hulu as well (in international markets).

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Reviews and Ratings of the show so far:

Lucifer season five had a score of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes and 69% with the audience.


The series has been praised for its “relatable” protagonist, who is devilishly charming yet possesses intelligence that’s seemingly at odds with his wayward personality.

Lucifer was also nominated in 2018 by People’s Choice Awards as Best TV Show (Fantasy/SciFi)

Lucifer Season six will have Dan back! – but he might be different? He died in season five and went to Hell, so we don’t know if Lucifer can save him now… We’ll find out when it airs! After waiting such a long time since the last episode aired – this must really suck for the fans.

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