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Ragnarok Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled? Release Date, Cast, Spin-offs, and Plot Details!

Ragnarok Season

The third season of Ragnarok is coming! At the moment, it’s unclear whether Ragnarok will be renewed or cancelled. We’ll update you on any new developments as they come in. In the meantime, we have some exciting information for fans of this show. We’ve compiled a list of all the important details about Season 3 that you need to know – from release date and cast to plot spoilers. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

Ragnarok is back with Season 3!

It has not yet been announced if Ragnarok will return for season 3.

That’s hardly surprising as the Norwegian series has only just returned to Netflix for season 2.

Following season 1, which was released in January 2020, it took Netflix until March 2020 to confirm the second season.


As a result, we should hopefully hear more about Ragnarok’s future within the next few weeks or months.

Ragnarok season 2 on Netflix - release date and more

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Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date:

Ragnarok is going to air on Disney+ in May-July 2022.

Cast Members and Characters:

If the potential season 3; does get made, we can expect the show’s lead characters Magne (David Stakston) His scheming brother Laurits (Jonas Strand Gravli). And their simpleton mother, Turid (Henriette Steenstrup), to return. The ancient and ruthless Jutul family, comprising of its new figurehead; Fjor (Herman Tømmeraas), his sister Saxa (Theresa Frostad Eggesbø), and their mother Ran (Synnøve Macody Lund), will continue their campaign; against Magne in the absence of their recently slain leader; Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson).


Ragnarok Season 2 ends with Magne finally obtaining his mythical hammer after forging it in the eternal flame. He comes back just in time to attack the fleeing Ran and Fjor but is unable to kill them. Laurits’ intentions also remain opaque as he is seen offering to tell the giants Magne’s weakness. In the closing scenes of the season, Magne’s younger brother is seen releasing a hideous giant tapeworm into the sea, telling it affectionately to become mighty and strong.

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Ragnarok Season is an upcoming television series based on Norse mythology. The story follows the family of king Magne and his brother, who was born tormented by their father’s murderer and are forced to battle for survival against a new enemy with greater powers than they have ever faced before–the Jutul clan.


In Ragnarok season three, episode one, we see that King Magne has been fighting off invaders while at the same time trying to keep peace in his kingdom. He beheads Aldis, but Laurits brings him back from death when he throws himself into the eternal flame where it would take years for him to come out as opposed to just seconds if thrown into boiling water or fire as most people do.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ragnarok:

“Is Ragnarok Season three renewed or canceled?”

Ragnarok season three is not yet officially announced, but as of March 2021, there are no signs it has been cancelled.

When will Ragnarok Season 3 hit the screens?

If Ragnarok is given the green light for season three, it could air as early as May 2022. Season one aired in January, and season two dropped in May, so there is no particular pattern when it comes to release dates.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on TV production, but with restrictions beginning to ease, the series could appear sooner than fans think. Hopefully, more information will come to light in the upcoming weeks.


Where can I watch Ragnarok?

The complete first two seasons aired on Syfy UK in August 2018 and April 2019, respectively; however, it’s also been available online through various streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix Canada, or TVNZ On.

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Fans can catch up on the first two seasons of Ragnarok via Hulu or watch season three when it officially airs.

“Is there a trailer for Ragnarok?”

As of now, no official trailers have been released yet, but fans are all anticipating one to air soon with rumours that it could come out in May 2022. The best way to stay updated is by following this blog and checking back periodically!

Let’s hope Netflix doesn’t cancel the show outright because leaving things on a cliffhanger would be more brutal than anything that the giants could come up with.


The final verdict: Ragnarok Season three renewed!

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