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Brian Yorkey’s “Echoes” Gets Series Order at Netflix! Everything we know so far.


Netflix has finally ordered Brian Yorkey’s “Echoes” to series! Netflix just announced the news on their Twitter. The show will be based on a different novel by Yorkey and will have all new characters.

Echoes Potential Plot Details

This Netflix original is an exploration of where we are headed as a civilization when technology dominates every aspect of our lives. In this fictional future, human relationships become increasingly disconnected from what people actually want in their lives – even though they may not know it yet. Technology controls everything around us, from how we find out about other people or jobs to who can access reproductive health care and which plants are illegal to grow. Sharing your feelings with someone could land you in jail; love becomes something that’s measured and tracked like a commodity.

A future world without poverty, hunger, or war sounds perfect, but it also means that we are giving up the very things that make us human to achieve such perfection. As technology changes how everything is done – from what people eat for breakfast to where they live – our humanity will be tested as never before.

In Netflix’s “Echoes,” the world is on a fast-track to utopian ideals of freedom and equality, but at what cost? The series takes place in London – still by 2021, one of the great global cities; it is also an international hub for finance, fashion, and culture. It may also be the last city before utopia becomes a reality. In this future society where everything appears perfect from afar, cracks are starting to show as people feel like they’re losing their sense of humanity without poverty or hunger: food has been replaced with technology that feeds our bodies directly into pleasure centers via our brains while sex has become mechanized and law enforcement comes down hard when citizens start questioning authority.


Release Date Speculations for the Series

Netflix’s newest series, “Echoes,” has been in the works for a while now. Netflix announced that they would be producing it back on December 12th of 2020, and we are still waiting to hear when the show will air. It is hard to predict how long until Netflix releases this new thriller, but if you haven’t already guessed from the title – which refers to echoes as auditory memories or repetition of trauma- then there is some speculation about mental health themes coming into play with this storyline.

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The plot surrounds two characters: Dr. Roslyn Hayes (played by Sela Ward), who heads up a secret government project developing mind control techniques; and Danny Taylor (played by Lenny James), an ex-Marine turned convict, who is unwittingly subjected to the project.

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Echoes Cast and Crew

When Netflix released a teaser trailer for this new drama series, it was announced that Sela Ward and Lenny James would lead the cast of Echoes with other actors, including Olivia Ritchie (One Life to Live), Michelle LaRose (The Affair), and Danny Pino (Dexter). One thing we can expect from Netflix’s latest venture into original programming is some serious star power.

The show also boasts an impressive roster of executive producers such as Brian Yorkey, Victoria Mahoney, Bill Kardon, Kevin Brown, and Patricia Riggen, though, at this point, there is no word on when Netflix has plans to air “Echoes.”

Brian Yorkey’s Views on his Upcoming Thriller Series “Echoes”

Echoes is a Netflix thriller series. That will explore the story of his family; after their son and daughter are kidnapped. Brian Yorkey, the show’s writer and director, says Echoes was created with Netflix in mind. Because it’s “a great place to do this kind of content.”


Yorkey has been writing for television since 1994. When he wrote several episodes of Dawson’s Creek, he also went on to write for Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights (2011), Parenthood (2010-2015), among others; before becoming an executive producer on Netflix’s original drama House of Cards; from 2013-2016. Although Echoes marks his first time as both a screenwriter and TV director, Yorkey has seen success along the way: In 2008, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series and won the Writers Guild of America’s award for Best Dramatic Series.

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Netflix has ordered its first Netflix Original drama series, Echoes to air exclusively on Netflix with Brian Yorkey as writer and director.

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