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The Flash Season 8: Release Date, Cast, Cross-overs, and Plot Details!

The Flash Season 8

Ever since The Flash season, 1 premiered; on October 7, 2014, Barry Allen was running faster than ever before; to save Central City. In the Season 8 finale, he finally succeeded saving his city; from a nuclear explosion. And defeating Clifford DeVoe, aka The Thinker; for good. This also means that we are one step closer; to see how The Flash will fare; when it returns this Fall! So what can we expect? Let’s take a look at all of the details now!

Flash Season 8:

This season Barry Allen is going to be very different from how he was in seasons past, which we’ve seen so far.

With his new outlook on life, Barry has decided that it’s time for him to propose to Iris West! The proposal doesn’t come without some drama, though, because before they could announce their engagement publicly at Jitterbugs, where Iris works, her boss fires her after she takes off work for two weeks, not give any notice about why or what happened since she’s been back. She finally comes clean, telling everyone that when The Thinker took over the world, she was kidnapped, and that’s why Barry couldn’t save her.

The Flash is going to be getting new villains this season with a twist, though! Instead of the typical bad guy who wants to take over the city or do something against all heroes, these are people in everyday life whose actions have consequences, and they’re out for revenge on those who mistreated them. There will also be some crossovers, including Arrow Season 12 Episode 15, which airs October 25th.


The final episode title has been revealed as “The Crisis” – it won’t air until March 2020 because production takes so long since there is such a high demand for quality content from CW shows. The Crisis will be a cross-over with Arrow Season 12 Episode 16 and Supergirl Season 11 Episode 18. This is the first time there has been a crossover between all CW shows

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People who are coming back for season eight:

Octavia Spencer as Cecile’s mother; Alyson Hannigan as Lilian Luthor while her husband Tom Welling from Smallville plays Lex Luthor Jr.; John Wesley Shipp reprising his role as Henry Allen – Barry and Iris’ father; James McAvoy will play Jay Garrick/the original Flash who was left trapped on Earth-38, a planet where time moves faster than on Earth.

The cast of Supergirl will also be returning for season eight. They have been filming episodes in Vancouver so that they can participate in the Crisis crossover event with Arrow and The Flash.

Episode Titles: “The Crisis” aired March 2020; “Enter Zoom”; “Revenge Squad,” which is set to air April 17th, 2020

The Flash' Season 8 on CW: Cast Info, Return Date, How to Watch on Netflix, and More

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Quentin Lance is coming back as well – he was exposed to dark matter like Barry Allen (Barry’s father) and has transformed into an antihero who must find his way back home from Earth 38 before it destroys him completely!

Plot Summary:

In this final chapter of The Flash Season Eight, Team Scarlet deals with getting their Earth back and The Flash trying to find a way to get home.

The first episode of the season aired on March 18th, 2020, on CW!

Episode titles for this last chapter in Season Eight include “The Crisis” (air date: March 2020), “Enter Zoom” (air date: April 17), and “Revenge Squad,” which is set to air April 17th, 2020.

In this final chapter of The Flash Season Eight, Team Scarlet deals with getting their Earth back and The Flash trying to find a way to get home.



Barry Allen was trapped by Savitar. He managed to escape but now needs his own earth, or else it will destroy him from within.

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The Crisis: The Huntress returns to Earth-38 and joins forces with the newly reformed; Injustice Gang. Meanwhile, on Earth-One, Iris tries to stop a meta-human trafficking ring; she believes is responsible for her brother’s death.

Enter Zoom: When an alarm from A.R.G.U.S.’s headquarters goes off in Central City, Barry and Nora head over to investigate only to find themselves face-to-face with Black Lantern King Shark! Meanwhile, back on Earth 38 Team, Scarlet must deal with not one but two members of the Rogues (Deathstorm, Weather Wizard) who go rogue after they’re rescued by their former leader Captain Cold from imprisonment at Iron Heights Penitentiary.

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