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MacGruber’s Comedy TV Show 2021, Starring Will Forte, gets Series order at Peacock!


MacGruber’s Comedy TV Show 2021, Starring Will Forte, just got a series order. MacGruber first appeared in SNL skits from 2008-2010 then starred in the 2010 film MacGruber with Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe. The new show will be available for streaming on Hulu starting December 19th, 2021.” I am thrilled to have this opportunity to go back into television,” says MacGruber creator Jorma Taccone. “This is like my home away from home.”

MacGruber New Comedy Show Release Date

The comedy show was not expected after the cancellation of Park & Recreation, but many people are excited about it coming out soon! This will also mark Tom Hanks’ return to acting since his 2016 film Inferno.

The series will possibly release in late 2021 or even as last as in early 2022. This is because they are still in the development and casting process.

Fortunately, MacGruber star Will Forte will be starring as himself!


The Plotline for the series

The plot of the new comedy show is unknown, but MacGruber will be in a series of funny scenarios and hilarious situations with his wife Kathleen, played by Kristen Wiig, as well as their daughter named Macey, portrayed by Arabella Rose Kepcher. Also, expect to see cameos from other SNL actors, including Kenan Thompson, who portrays Luther McDonalds Jr., Bobby Moynihan, who plays Tim Sluggs, and Kate McKinnon, who plays MacGruber’s wife, Kathy.

The Cast for MacGruber’s Comedy TV Show 2021

In the series, MacGruber is played by SNL alum and star of “MacGruber” and “Saturday Night Live,” actor Will Ferrell.

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Alongside him is Kristen Wiig as Macey Gruber (daughter), Arabella Rose Kepcher as Kathleen Gruber (wife) and Kenan Thompson playing Luther McDonald Jr., Bobby Moynihan portraying Tim Sluggs, Kate McKinnon appearing in a recurring role with her character Kathy.

Other returning cast members include Beck Bennett, who will be reprising his role from the movie version of MacGruder 2021, as well as Ryan Phillippe, who has been cast as MacGruder 2021’s nemesis, Brad Fitt.


Taran Killam as Ponder, Beck Bennett playing Kyle Williams, and Kevin Nealon portraying the president of the United States.

The new cast members include Michaela Watkins (starring in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), Steve Little (“Eastbound & Down”), Bryan Callen (of “Arrested Development” fame), and Ana Gasteyer who played a long-time SNL character named Emily Litella.

What can we expect from the new comedy series?

It sounds like MacGruber is going to be back for a good time. Judging by the trailer, he’ll be caught up in his own shenanigans under the guise of saving the world from an evil villain played by Steve Carell. The show will premiere on NBC sometime next year and stars Will Forte as MacGruber with Ryan Phillippe playing Brad Fitt. Watch out!

Will Forte Teases “Classier” 'MacGruber' With Some Sample Dialogue From The Upcoming Series

Source: The

The series will be set in the future, 30 years from now. MacGruder 2021; is back, and this time he’s on a mission; to save Earth; from being destroyed; by an evil dictator; named Brad Fitt.

Will Forte in MacGruber’s Comedy Series

In the future, MacGruder is back, and this time he’s on a mission to save Earth from being destroyed by an evil dictator named Brad Fitt. To do so, MacGruber must find special crystals; that are hidden around the world; with his team of agents; Ponder and Kyle Williams (Taran Killam). In addition, they’ll also have help from President Beck Bennett; who was elected for life after saving humanity; during World War III; which ended just 15 seconds ago when Becky played her guitar solo “How long has it been?” as she did at the end of MacGruber 2010 film. MacGruber can’t do it alone, he needs your help. We’re coming to NBC in 2021!


Will the series be worth watching?

Yes, MacGruber’s Comedy Series; will be worth watching. We’ve seen how much of a comedy genius; Will Forte is and the cast he has assembled (Beck Bennett, Taran Killam) are just as incredible too. I think it’s safe; to say that we’re all looking forward to watching; this series when it comes out in 2021!

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Are there any spoiler alerts for the series?

No, there are no spoiler alerts for MacGruber’s Comedy Series.

How many episodes will the series have?

There is not a set number of episodes in MacGruber’s Comedy TV Show 2021 but I would assume it’ll be anywhere from eight to thirteen episodes with each episode being 22-minute longs.

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