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Life Casino: Advantages and Disadvantages

The modern gambling industry offers a lot of entertainment formats. One of them is a live casino, which allows you to play with a dealer and other real people online. This way, you can feel like you are in a traditional casino without leaving your comfort zone. Let’s have a closer look at what can attract or repel players in this type of gambling entertainment.

Types of games offered by live casinos

Usually, this format of entertainment is offered by large legal gambling platforms, such as Small online casinos either do not have this option at all or provide only a few games. Large platforms can propose more tables and more games. The most popular are the following:

  1. Roulette. This is a game with a wheel and a betting table. There are European and American versions. A player places a bet, and then everything depends entirely on luck.
  2. Poker is one of the most complex casino games. It has quite a few variants. For some players, it is no longer just a gambling pastime but rather a sport or a lifestyle. In online casinos, you can play either with a dealer or with other players.
  3. Baccarat is one of the three most popular card games where both the dealer and other players take part.
  4. Blackjack. The peculiarity of this game is that gamblers do not compete with each other, but each plays separately against the dealer. The winner is the one who scores more points than the croupier. However, the number of points cannot exceed 21.

Of course, this list is far from complete. Even the mentioned offers have a lot of options that players like.

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Disadvantages of live casinos

In addition to the advantages, a live casino has its disadvantages. They are not critical and are usually caused by the specifics of games. For example, you can play for real money only. If there are too many people willing to participate, there may be queues of players. This format of recreation will not appeal to those who like to win quickly. In addition, the live section of online casinos usually has fewer bonuses than the rest.

Advantages of live casinos

Live online gambling has many advantages. This is why this format of entertainment has so many fans. Firstly, they are attracted by the opportunity to plunge into the casino atmosphere without leaving their own home. On the one hand, there is no need to go anywhere and put on a more or less decent suit. On the other hand, the player gets communication with other gamers and the dealer, high-quality broadcast, and sound and video effects that create the appropriate mood, just like in a traditional casino.


The main gaming offer of a live casino is table games. It is much easier to control winnings in them, which, by the way, depend not only on luck but also on the player’s skills. This kind of gambling is suitable for those who like to calculate probabilities, count cards, and plan combinations and strategies. The more experienced a player is, the more chances they have to win. The game’s pace is somewhat slower, so you can enjoy both the winnings and the process. Moreover, dealers are often attractive girls.

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So, live casinos are an interesting gaming offer for many players who appreciate the atmosphere of a traditional casino but do not want to compromise their time and comfort.

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