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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Paraphrasing Tools

As technology and education mix together in harmony, things have become easier for students. You can now access online tools that can help you with your assignments. There are numerous options for you to browse. But among them, the paraphrase tool is one of the most important resources you can find. Want to know why it’s a gem? First, you need to understand why the need for such a tool arises.

What is Paraphrasing? 

Paraphrasing tool is the process in which you present someone else’s words or ideas in your own way. First, you understand the main points that the author wants to convey. Figure out how it’s related to your assignment. Then, rearrange the words in your own writing style to avoid plagiarism.

  • What is a Paraphrasing Tool? 

Paraphrasing is quite different from quoting. When you directly quote a section of a work, you don’t make any changes to it. But for paraphrasing, you have to rearrange the entire section. It’s up to you to relay the same information in your own words. That is a challenging feat. That’s why a tool that can help you paraphrase comes in handy to overcome this issue. 

In academic writing, a paraphrasing tool is of great help. It can quickly paraphrase a lengthy section of text and ensure that it is completely free of errors and plagiarism. Using it is child’s play. 

A Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Tool

Paraphrasing is an art that most students aren’t well-versed in. That’s why tools that can produce results automatically are quite popular. If you’ve never used such a resource before, then don’t worry! It’s not that challenging. There are plenty of free paraphrasing tools available online. So, each of these might not be an exact replica of the other. That means they might work differently. But the basics remain the same. So, let’s check that out.

  1. Copy/Type the section you want to paraphrase

If you want to paraphrase a section from online content, then copy it. But if it’s from a printed material, you have to type it in the prescribed space. Be careful while typing. You need to make sure to type the words exactly as they are in the source material. 

  1. Click on the action button

Once you’ve completed copying or typing the content, select the action button. Usually, it’s something visible with a clear sign of what you have to do. Some options include the following:

  • Paraphrase now
  • Click to Paraphrase
  • Get Results
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They’re quite obvious, aren’t they? Well, once you’ve detected this action button, click on it to get your results. Since most paraphrasers these days have updated AI technology, it takes less than a few seconds to get the results. 

  1. Make changes if necessary

When you receive the paraphrased answer, you can make necessary adjustments to it. There’s no rule that you have to submit it as it is. After all, the content is produced by a tool. Therefore, it won’t have any semblance of your writing style. So, make the content your own. Change a few words or sentences around. Play around with it to make sure it reflects your usual style of writing.

That’s all there is to this tool! The steps are pretty simple. But here’s a catch. Since there are hundreds of such tools online, you have to be careful when taking your pick. Try out a few tools first. See which ones are updated and provide you with the best results. Scan the generated content for plagiarism and grammatical issues. Once you’re satisfied that the paraphrased content is up to the mark, you can go ahead and use the tool for your papers.

Benefits of Using the Tool

There are a lot of benefits to using a tool to paraphrase your content. First, it saves you precious hours. Imagine if you have to read through a 5-page report to paraphrase its content. That’s so time-consuming! Hence, paraphrasing tools are the answer. All you have to do is copy the content to the tool, and it will paraphrase it within seconds. The length doesn’t matter. 

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Paraphrasing has always been a nightmare for students. Some believe changing a few words does the trick. However, that is not the case. Replacing words with their synonyms is just a small part of the process. This includes the following:

  • Changing sentence sequence
  • Changing the voice of the sentence
  • Breaking sentences into smaller sections

These are just a few of the many steps involved in this process. Sounds quite challenging, doesn’t it? Well, you need not worry as long as you have a reliable tool by your side.

In conclusion,

Paraphrasing tools are a great option to avoid plagiarism. They take less than a few seconds to paraphrase complex texts. Many of these are free to access. So, you can leave all your paraphrasing worries behind.


Author bio:

Brian Laurent is a professional academic scholar at He has 9+ years of experience assisting students with all their assignment needs. This involves help with paraphrasing and proofreading.

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