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7 Must-Do Jobs When You Become a Secretary

Behind every successful organization in the fast-paced world of business is a critical individual: the secretary. The role of a secretary extends far beyond administrative tasks and encompasses a wide range of responsibilities that contribute to an organization’s overall success and efficiency. This article will teach you seven must-do jobs you should master when stepping into this crucial position.

1. Answering and Directing Phone Calls

One essential job as a secretary is answering and directing phone calls. When the phone rings, you become the friendly voice that greets callers and helps connect them to the right person or department. Managing calls well ensures the organization can talk to each other easily and makes a good impression on the people calling.

2. Organizing and Distributing Messages

Organizing and distributing messages is a key responsibility for a secretary. You’re like the hub of communication, ensuring that messages get to the right people promptly. Whether emails, voicemails, or written notes, your task is to organize and deliver information accurately. This not only keeps everyone informed but also contributes to effective teamwork and collaboration.

3. Maintaining Company Schedules

As a secretary, maintaining company schedules is crucial. You’ll be responsible for managing appointments, meetings, and events. This involves scheduling, rescheduling when needed, and ensuring everyone knows their commitments. 


A well-organized schedule helps the company run smoothly, prevents conflicts, and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding important dates and deadlines.

4. Documenting Financial Information

Being a secretary involves documenting financial information to keep track of the company’s money matters. This includes recording expenses, managing invoices, and helping with budgeting. Accurate financial documentation is crucial for the company’s success, as it allows everyone to understand where money is going and ensures that financial decisions are based on reliable information. 

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5. Scheduling Meetings and Conferences

One important task for a secretary is scheduling meetings and conferences. You become the go-to person for coordinating when and where these gatherings happen. Efficient scheduling ensures everyone can discuss important matters, fostering effective organizational communication.

6. Assisting Executives with Project Tasks

As a secretary, you often assist executives with project tasks. This might involve researching information, preparing presentations, or helping to organize project timelines. Your support plays a vital role in helping the executives focus on their responsibilities, ensuring that projects progress smoothly and goals are achieved.


7. Coordinating with Other Organizations

Coordinating with other organizations is part of a secretary’s role. This could involve reaching out to external partners, scheduling joint initiatives, or managing communication between different entities. 

Effective coordination strengthens the company’s relationships with external parties and facilitates collaboration for mutual benefits. 

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In conclusion, embracing a secretary’s dynamic and multifaceted role opens the door to a rewarding and impactful career. By mastering the essential tasks outlined in this guide, you can contribute significantly to the efficiency and success of any organization.

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