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10 Vital Reasons to Translate Your Website

You might be wondering why your international marketing campaigns are not bringing conversions. Your marketing and sales teams have checked all the boxes to expand your business, but you’re still attracting only local consumers.

A lot of new entrepreneurs complain about this issue. While many factors can be the reason behind this problem, not translating your website is among the top ones. 

If you face the same barrier, it’s high time to translate your website and make it accessible to every market. This post will disclose ten reasons you should translate your website into different languages through a reputable translation service provider.

Benefits of working with a translations agency

Your website displays your products and services to online consumers. A credible website also helps people who don’t live in your locality trust your company. After all, many consumers verify a business online before buying anything from it. 


As a result, making your website easily accessible to multilingual audiences in different countries using professional translation company is essential. They will translate your website and other content into the regional language spoken in the country you’re operating in. 

Here are ten reasons you should hire a translations agency for converting your materials into another language:

1. Your Potential Audience Live Abroad

A prospect is a person who is likely to buy your product or service. Companies usually target local and international prospects to attract more website traffic and increase sales.

If your business targets an international audience, you must translate your website for the prospects living overseas. When these people understand your company’s mission and products, they might start contacting you without thinking twice.


2. Your Business is International

You must translate your website immediately if you are planning to attract an international clientele. According to a survey in 8 different countries, 56.2% of online customers said they prefer language over price to obtain information from a website.

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Therefore, your website should be in a language that international users can easily understand. That will not only retain customers but also attract prospects and increase brand awareness.

3. Global Brand Awareness

Selling goods and services locally is good, but if you want to lead the market, you must do more. Yes, a large audience in your country knows about your business, but that’s not enough to grow in the global market.

To spread your brand’s awareness globally, you need to talk in the language your international prospects know. Your brand will automatically become favoured when your website’s content is easy-to-understand and accessible.


4. Business Expansion

Every business owner wants their venture to grow. If you have been planning to enter the international market for quite a time now, you need to note down what languages are most common in your target audiences.

When your website is available in multiple languages, it shows the audience that you know and care about them. As a result, they will relate to your brand more and buy your products and services without hesitation. 

5. Unexpected International Response

You never know when your business will become popular in the international market. However, if you regularly update your company’s social media profile and website, you ultimately increase your chances. 

When your online presence is in the native language of your audience, it will grab the prospects’ attention more effectively. 


These people can now easily understand your company’s history, mission, and product descriptions. As a result, you’ll gather positive international responses and acceptance. 

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6. Reach Boost

In digital marketing, reach refers to how many people reacted to the ad you posted and visited your website. It also shows how many users responded to the ad meant for them.

When you translate your website, you also set the language of your ads. This may amaze the users who didn’t expect to see an advertisement in their language since most businesses don’t even think about doing so.

Enhancing business reach is another reason to translate your website.


7. Your Competitors Haven’t Translated Their Websites

If that’s true, you have a significant opportunity to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You can share content in user-specific language to gain more popularity for your brand. 

Moreover, your marketing campaigns will reach the target audience faster because no one is in the race with you. But that win might be temporary since your competitor will eventually translate their website.

8. Your Competitors Have Already Translated Their Websites

Running a business is a continuous endeavour. You keep progressing and learning. One of the phases is taking lessons from your competitors to be in the race.

If your competitors’ websites are already translated into multiple languages, you must seek the help of professional translation services as well. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind your competitors, and customers won’t even remember that your brand existed.


9. SEO Boosts Translated Websites

A translated website gets a better SEO ranking because it uses a different URL for every language. However, the traffic comes to the same website.

When users search keywords in their language, your website will only appear on top if you have translated your website with the keywords. In addition, it will also ensure that you get more organic traffic without much effort.

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So, translate your website and get a higher SEO ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

10. Legal Requirements

Translating a website is a requirement by cyber law, mainly if you are catering to an international clientele. 


The legal authority might penalise you, and your business might face a massive loss if you don’t translate your website. So to save yourself from such trouble, it’s better to look for a certified translation service.


With the world transforming into a digital hub, online businesses are on the rise. This means you’re likely to see more websites offering similar products and services as your brand. 

Thus, it would help if you made your business more accessible to prospects to stay one step ahead of your existing and potential competitors. Translating your website into a user-friendly language is one way to do so.

A well-translated website gives your visitors the best customer experience. As a result, people trust you more and may even recommend your brand in their circle. So contact a certified translation service now and let your brand reach global customers today.


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