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How long do edibles stay in your hair for drug tests?

drug tests

Edibles refer to a good or beverage that contains marijuana. They are prescribed medicinally, taken recreationally, and can be made at home with proper care and instruction. Whether you are inhaling smoke or vapor, taking pills, or consuming edibles, there is a definite chance that marijuana will be detected in your system depending on how much you have taken and how frequently. 

Hair strand drug tests are not frequently requested, as they are time-consuming and more expensive than other options. They require special collection procedures and lab testing and analysis to complete. 

Even so, they are sometimes ordered and are incredibly hard to pass once you have consumed a substance. So, just how long do edibles stay in your hair?

What are Edibles?

Edibles come in a wide range of concentrations. The stronger the edible that you consume, the more likely you are to have an excessive amount lingering in your system. Minute amounts and low-dose edibles, taken occasionally, can still have a cumulative effect on the concentration remaining in your body. It takes about an average of 30 days from the time you stop consuming marijuana edibles for excess stores of the drug to completely metabolize out of your body. 


How Edibles Absorb

Marijuana is able to be detected in both the blood and urine within 24 hours. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, the THC in marijuana begins to bind and deposit to different areas of the body. This is important to remember because this is the starting point at which you begin to build up excess stores of the drug if you continue to consume it. If you regularly and habitually consume large quantities of edibles, expect the half-life of the drug to continue increasing. Keep reading for how long do edibles stay in your hair

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Drug Deposits in Hair

Hair strand tests are incredibly hard to cheat because our hair follicles tell a living story about our lives as they grow. Minute amounts of elements and compounds that we consume are deposited into the shaft of our hair as it grows out. This means that if you have a diet that is high in THC for an extended period of time, that THC will continue to deposit into your hair as it grows out. You may stop consuming edibles and still deposit THC into your hair follicles as it slowly filters from your system. So, for how long do edibles stay in your hair the answer is a long time.

Pass Or Fail

Once your hair grows out to a certain length, your body stops repairing and cleaning its cells. This means that even if you no longer have THC actively in your body, trace amounts will remain in the length of your hair that grew at the time you were consuming the edibles. You either have to wait for those hundreds of strands to terminate and fall out naturally as they are replaced with new growth or if you need a speedier approach, you may consider shaving your head. 

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