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Orphan First Kill: Trailer is expected to be one of every parents nightmare.

Leena is a thirteen-year old child-woman at the centre of a story that combines the complex realities of identity and family in often uncomfortable ways. This novel starts off with Leena being mistaken for the daughter of a wealthy family she was raised by, something that will be an issue for her as she escapes from a psychiatric facility.

What is the plot of the story ?

The novel follows Leena in her attempts to escape detection from the family she has been raised with and her attempts to befriend the family’s daughter, Elisabet. Leena also tries to find a place in society so that she can become a part of something. The book explores questions of identity and family, in an environment where it is hard to know what is real.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Isabelle Fuhrman , Julia Stiles , David Hoflin , Tom Jane , Leena Silfverhjelm and others. Issbelle Fuhrman portrayed the role of Leena. Her performance in this novel has been noted by critics. The role of Isabelle Fuhrman has also been noted for its portrayal of the complexity of Leena’s character.

What are the difficulties they face ?

The difficulties that the characters face in this novel include Leena’s issues with boundaries of family and society. In the novel, she has issues to deal with regarding the nature of identity and family bonds. She also struggles with the nature of family bonds, especially when she is placed among people who seem to be her ‘hosts’. The difficulties that Leena faces are reflected in her behaviour as she grows up in the novel. This can be seen from an incident that is narrated as well within the novel. A fan/friend of Isabelle Fuhrman’s played a cruel trick on Leena by showing her a picture of David Hoflin and saying that it was Isabelle.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist in this novel is Leena’s psychiatrist, the mother of Elisabet, who works in the same institution as Leena. The antagonist has motives that are related to both herself and a perceived sense of justice towards who she believes is not only herself but also Leena.

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What is the climax ?

The climax of this story occurs when Leena gets caught by those she thought were her hosts. It also occurs when she realizes how hard it can be for a murderer to be accepted into society. The resolution of this novel has Leena leaving her host family and finding new ones, which gives her a sense of belonging in society.

What are the epic scenes ?

One of the epic scenes is when Leena kills a man named Erik, who had been stalking her. When she kills him, she leaves it to the police to find his body and self-imposes a kind of justice as an act of defiance. This is one of the reasons that she ends up being sent to an institution. This scene is important because it also shows Leena’s ability at manipulation and her disturbing nature.

Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character is Isabelle Fuhrman’s character, Leena. Her portrayal of a troubled and complex protagonist has been both praised and criticized in a variety of ways. Critiques against her include the fact that she was nominated for a Golden Globe award. The critics say this indicates that the media is glamorising someone who is supposed to be mentally disturbed instead of helping to understand her condition.


Would you recommend watching this ?

Treating the movie Orphan as a stand-alone experience might be worthwhile for some viewers. The film is a very interesting psychological thriller that is both complex and disturbing. Thanks for reading !

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