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Breeders Season 4 : Gets renewed for its brand new season at FX and SKY .

This season is a must-see for any parent-to-be or expectant parent in the audience, but even if you’re simply considering a kid in the future, there are plenty of hilarious moments to catch up on. So gather your friends and family close to watch the show! It’s sure to give you some laughs.

What is the plot of the story ?

The fourth season of the comedy series begins with our young couple (Kimberly and JW) carrying on the tradition of having a baby. They want to make sure that this one is different from their first two children. And so far, so good. But other obstacles arise as well, like when Kimberly meets a guy at work who makes her think about getting pregnant again just for kicks…

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Martin Freeman , Daisy Haggard , Gina Gershon , Ian Gomez , Katsunari Ishihara , Michael Rapaport , Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Michael P. Huber . Martin Freeman is JW’s father, who is struggling with his own life as he develops a bond with his son that he has never experienced before. This leads to him to be the subject of various misunderstandings and awkward situations with his wife and the neighbors. Daisy Haggard portrays Kimberly, our young couple’s new neighbor who is pregnant with her first child. She lives in the house right next to them, where she meets JW’s mother-in-law and ends up becoming good friends with her.

What are the difficulties they faced ?

JW and Kimberly get divorced. Kimberly’s father passes away, leaving his will to fight against child abuse and sexual abuse, but JW’s family is opposed to all of these proposals. JW also becomes a father again and tries to form a relationship with his son as well as teaching him how to be good neighbors by helping out at the garage that he owns. Unfortunately for JW and for Kim, their neighbor turns out to be an annoying old woman who makes their lives miserable until she finally dies. Another obstacle becomes apparent when JW’s mother-in-law comes back home to stay with them because her family has gone on vacation.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

JW’s parents. I’m sure that they don’t really want to be parents. And it’s not just because they’re old, it’s also because of the difficulties that they face in their own lives. But we do understand their desire to have a child, and so we sympathize with them.

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What are the epic scenes ?

In my opinion, the funniest scenes of the show are the first episode and the second one. They’re hilarious! The first season at the beginning is a bit slow and takes a little getting used to, but from the second episode on, it’s a rollicking good time! The fourth season has also been very well made. It’s hard to make an animated comedy as good as this one because it would be easy for the story lines to get tiresome and repetitive. But the comedy is subtle and doesn’t go over the top.

Who is the most loved characters ?

Kimberly and JW. They’re two very interesting characters, indeed. Kimberly because of her unusual taste in clothes and her somewhat exaggerated personality. But also because she has some very tough times ahead of her, and JW for his own reasons. JW’s mother-in-law (a recurring problem for JW). She seems to want to be a hindrance everywhere she goes but ends up doing nothing but complaining about everything that everyone else does. She has terrible taste in clothes, too! That is a big problem that she always strikes me as being absolutely ridiculous.

Would you recommend watching this ?

If you have kids, you’ll definitely like it because there are some really funny scenes. But also because of the writing. I recommend it because it’s so well made and well written that it’s worth watching, especially if you have kids or are expecting one in the near future.  Thanks for reading !

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