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Grooming Your Dog at Home? – Use These 4 Tips

Yes, every dog needs grooming. But not all the dogs require professional service. Luckily, you can do their grooming in the comfort of your home, and it’s not as hard as it seems. But why do dogs need grooming? Similar to humans, grooming will make your dog look fresh and clean and prevent them from getting sick.

Moreover, the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to avoid taking our furry friends to grooming sessions. That’s why many pet parents have preferred to groom their pets on their own with the help of online blogs and YouTube videos. Though as the online world is awash with a humongous amount of information, it becomes hard to filter out and understand what is right for you.

If you’re among one such person, fret not. We’ve got you covered. Here are a few amazing tips for grooming your four-legged friend at home:

Brush the Dog

This might be a good starter for your home grooming session with your dog. Brushing helps get all of the loose furs out and activates healthy oil production to keep it soft. Getting rid of the loose furs helps massively during the bathing as nothing clogs up during the session. 


If you own breeds like German Shepherd or Husky who have long hair, brushing becomes even more critical for you. This is because these breeds have massive hair which can get tangled and matted together. Sometimes, you may feel brushing alone is not sufficient.

Slicker or pin brush can do the task for you, but the latter proves to be helpful for more sensitive dogs. Also, brush your dog at least once a week to avoid furs getting clogged up. Sometimes, you need a brush with massaging tips that can provide soothing massage sessions to your dog and help maintain general hygiene as well.

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If you’re looking for such pet grooming products, PetCareRx won’t disappoint you. PetCareRx has different products available that can help you take the best care of your pets without having to spend extra bucks. 

Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Regular ear care is one of the important activities you can do to ensure your dog is in healthy condition. Though you need to be careful while cleaning your dog’s ears as they are the most delicate part of his body. Unlike human beings, dogs’ ears are more sensitive to infection and irritation. The responsibility thus becomes larger while handling their ears as any minor nuisance can lead to infections and pain to your furry family member.


You can use an ear cleaning solution made specifically for dogs to clean your dog’s ears. You can also use gauze pads or cotton balls so that you won’t irritate their skin when wiping inside the ear canal.

After every bathing or swimming session, make sure you give them proper ear cleaning. This is because bacteria and dirt may build up rapidly during such activities. Moreover, clean your dog’s ears at least once a week to avoid any build-up that could cause issues down the line.

Bathe the Dog

With the right products, you can make bathing an enjoyable and healthy activity for your dog. Make sure you buy products like shampoo, soap, and cleaners that are specifically made for dogs. 

While bathing your dog, make sure any product doesn’t get into their eyes and nose, as this might cause heavy inconvenience for both of you. Once you are done with the bathing session, make your furry friend drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.


Please note that it’s not a good practice to use human products like shampoos on your dog as they may contain harsh chemicals, making them unsafe for pets. The best way to decide if any product is okay to use on your pet is to read the ingredients given on the products before buying it. If you come across words like “pet-safe” or “all-natural,” you can proceed as they won’t cause any harm if accidentally ingested by either one of you.

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Trim Nails After the Bath Session

It’s always a good idea to trim your dog’s nails after a bath as they become softer and easier to cut. Using a blunt-nosed nail clipper will help to ensure that you don’t cut so deep into the quick as sharp-ended ones do. It’s also important not to trim too much off at one time, as this could cause pain and bleeding.

If your dog’s nails are thick and make it difficult to see or reach there during grooming sessions, consider clipping them every few weeks rather than monthly (or even weekly), depending on their frequency of bathing.

Signs like excessive licking at paws, pawing at the ground while walking – anything that indicates something might be wrong. If you see these signs along with any discomfort in their feet or paws, you’ll know it’s the right time for the trimming session. 


With these tips, you’re all set to start grooming your furry friend at home.

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