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Woke Season 2 : The brand new season gets Cancelled at Hulu .

There is a new and rising wave of social movements. From race relations to women’s rights, the global justice movement to the environmental movement, people are speaking out in masses across the country. Keef must navigate the new voices and ideas that confront and challenge him. Armed with wit, erudition. And also insightfulness that only comes from age thirty-three (and some hindsight), it’s time for Keef to join this changing tide.

What is the plot of the story?


Keef is an aspiring African-American cartoonist on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. After a comic book publisher offers him a development deal.  He starts to think about the state of diversity in comics. But things don’t go as planned when, just before his big meeting, Keef is falsely arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. To make matters worse, Keef’s friend and frenemy, Ramon, has been hired to represent him in court. Fortunately for Keef, the real criminal is a band of misfit white boys.  Who are looking for payback after being wronged by the ritzy prep school where Ramon teaches. It’s up to Keef and also his comic book friends to set things right.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Lamorne Morris, Blake Anderson, and Atlanta native K. Trevor Wilson as Keef and his comic book friends. Lamorne Morris portrayed the role of Keef. He had notable roles in Tyler Perry’s ” Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” “Mama I Want to Sing,” and the upcoming ABC Family series “The Fosters .” Blake Anderson portrayed the role of Ramon. He has notable roles in Tyler Perry’s ” Madea’s Family Reunion,” and Tyler Perry’s latest film, ” The Single Moms Club .” K. Trevor Wilson portrayed the role of Keef’s comic book friends. He is a rising star in the Atlanta community and has invested his time in several local causes including Star-Spangled Banner Park, The Welcoming Table, and also  The Animal Adoption Foundation.

What are the difficulties they face?

Keef, Ramon, and Will must deal with the consequences of living in a racially divided world.
In an episode entitled “White Noise,” a punk rock band takes their revenge on the prep school where Ramon teaches after being wronged. In another episode, Keef’s fate is decided by a jury of his peers. As always, there will be plenty of comic relief along the way. (the birth of Keef’s son alone should be enough to keep audiences laughing). And just when you think you’ve seen it all. There will be at least one more surprise that leaves your eyes wide and your mind wondering what to expect next.

Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

Keef must find a way to get along with Ramon and deal with his newfound fame. Ramon is simply a thorn in Keef’s side. They have a storied history together. And also while they may be on the same side of the law, they are not always on the same page. Adding to their rivalry is the fact that Keef is experiencing success he could never have imagined.


This newfound fame makes Ramon feel like his time has passed him by, leaving them both bitter but also there for each other when it matters most. Keef has a loyal fan base. Keef is every black comic book nerd’s dream. No matter how old you are. No matter where you live, or what gender you are, you can relate to Keef on some level. I know they do in the South where we have the highest concentration of African-American comics fans in the world.

Would you recommend watching this?

” Woke ” is a hilarious comedy-drama that takes a sharp and critical look at the state of race relations in this country. It tackles social issues such as the environment, expanded gun control, and also what it means to be a good neighbor. Thanks for reading!

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