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7 Ways to Make Online Course Interesting 

With the growth in science and technology, our education system has evolved a lot. Leaving behind the conventional teaching methods, advanced, and more advantageous online education is spreading at a faster rate. The online courses platform is becoming quite popular among educators and learners nowadays. Creators make online courses for students. An online course can only be successful if it is interesting and engaging for the students. Let us discuss some effective ways that online educators can follow to make their courses interesting for learners. 

Ways to make online courses interesting 


  1. Have proper subject knowledge

If teachers aren’t effective enough in the subject, they will not be able to explain well and answer students’ doubts and curiosity. This can make students feel less connected and interested in the learning material. Therefore, teachers must have in-depth, clear, and up-to-date knowledge of their teaching subject. 

  1. Use audio-visual tools to teach

We all know how much today’s kids are attracted to technology. Hence using the same in your online teaching is beneficial. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Classes become more fun and engaging too. 

  1. Engage students

Only teachers explaining the topics and students simply listening will surely cause boredom. To make students active, more attentive, and interested in learning, teachers should try to engage students in the class as much as possible. While teaching a particular topic, keep asking questions from all. Ask students whether they are understanding well or not. You can call out students by their names, ask them a few basic questions, and appreciate making them interested in the class. 

  1. Don’t keep live classes, videos, and audios too long
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Doing the same tasks for a longer time becomes boring for all of us. The same goes for students too. If you conduct lengthy live classes, students will get exhausted and lose active concentration after some time. Also in asynchronous learning, if the lectures, videos, and audios are too long, students won’t be able to focus well, face understanding issues and lose interest too. One solution to this problem is conducting audios, videos, and live sessions of moderate time duration. This will help you regarding how to sell courses online more effectively and efficiently. 

  1. Have participatory activities

No student enjoys sitting in the class as mere listeners, and teachers continuously explain. To make your online course interesting, avoid a teacher-centered approach to teaching. Try to involve students in the class as much as possible. Make them more vocal and active. To do so, conducting participatory activities is advisable.

 For example, give students some engrossing topics and ask them to have general discussions related to them. Ask students to unmute themselves and share their thoughts, and ideas, cross-question each other, and more. Other activities such as debates, recitations, quizzes, riddles, puzzle-solving, and a quick test can also be conducted. 

  1. Have general and friendly discussions with students

Not all students are into academic discussions. Or every time academic talks make students feel bored and less connected with the teachers. Therefore teachers should manage time to have general and friendly discussions with the students too. For example, start a class by having conversations like ” how was the day, the weather seems fine, who all are excited for today’s cricket match, who all need a class break to chill, and more”.  You can also crack some jokes in between your teaching sessions. This will make students enjoy, have fun and connect with teachers better. Have that energy that makes students feel happy, active, and interested in the class. 

  1. Set challenges and a healthy class competition
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To make your online course interesting, teachers must include some challenges that keep students on their toes, and high in spirit and enthusiasm. If everything will be easy, students won’t be much interested in learning. Therefore include some activities and elements that are challenging. Ask students to be competitive and beat each other in the terms of participation, marks, grades, and activities. Make sure that there are no unhealthy comparisons and grudges. This will keep students active, and more involved in learning. 


For effective teaching and learning in online courses, making it interesting for students is very important. By following the above-mentioned seven ways, educators can make their online courses more engaging, understandable, and interesting for students. This will ensure teachers’ and students’ success both. 



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