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Graduation Balloon Decoration Ideas

Balloon Decoration Ideas

Graduation is a wonderful time, a time to say goodbye to your childhood and leap into adulthood. Many remember this time forever! For the graduation party to be remembered for ages, you need to try your best to beautifully decorate the hall where the celebration takes place, and transform it just beyond recognition. And the balloons are best suited for this because they are bright, inexpensive and you can find hundreds of amazing décor ideas!

It is enough to order high-quality items online — for example, here, and then think over the decor of the room in detail — walls and ceiling, window and door openings, room entrance, stage, etc.

To help you with that, we will share the best graduation balloon decoration ideas we could find on the Web!

Stage decorations

During the solemn part of the celebration, the stage is at the center of everyone’s attention. To make it look spectacular, you can create some huge and stunning balloon arrangements:

  • arches;
  • garlands;
  • letters, numbers, and symbols.

You can stop at one option or mix all of them, it all depends on your imagination and taste!

Numbers and letters

You can make numbers and letters yourself by taping small plain balls to each other with double-sided tape and giving the bunch of inflatables a certain shape. 

But using such an option is reasonable only in case you need a small inscription; for huge decorations, you need to buy ready-made balloon numbers and letters that will be visible from afar.  


A multi-colored garland is one of the easiest ways to decorate a grad party. The main thing is to alternate the balls of different colors in a strictly defined sequence to get an interesting and easy-to-perceive ornament.

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Designers do not recommend combining more than three colors in one garland, because too colorful decor can annoy everyone present. It is best to combine the white color with any other contrasting shade.



You can install the balloon arch in the center of the stage, right where the speakers stand. The singer or presenter, standing under a multi-colored arch, is guaranteed the attention of the public. The arch can be monochrome or multi-colored; the main thing is that it does not merge with the stage and is clearly visible from afar.

The rainbow arc looks very beautiful: it consists of seven small arches arranged in the same sequence as the colors of the spectrum.

Hall decor

Balloons can help you to transform the interior of the hall where the celebration will take place. Pay attention to decorating the following spaces:

  • walls
  • windows
  • ceiling
  • entrance to the hall


The easiest way to decorate the walls is to create a thematic inscription; remember that it should be concise. If made right, DIY balloon flowers always look good: place a round ball in the middle, and attach “petals” to it. Such stylized “daisies” can then be removed from the wall and used in games and contests, or given as gifts to the participants.

You can decorate windows with two-color garlands, but three-color décor looks even more beautiful — the main thing is to choose the right color combinations.



Helium balloons are well suited for decorating the ceiling for the graduation party. They “stick” to the ceiling and require no special fastening. You can decorate the entire ceiling space with a solid “carpet” of inflatables, alternating two or three colors, or arrange the decor with contrasting inserts. Both options look spectacular, but the second one will take more time and effort.

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Inflatables of a certain shape such as hearts, flowers, stars, etc. also look beautiful and instantly draw attention. You can use white balloons to decorate the ceiling in the disco hall. If you turn off the light and point a projector lamp at the ceiling, white matte inflatables will shine with all the colors of the rainbow! Using pale yellow, pale pink, or light orange products will give the same effect.

Entrance to the hall

You can create another arch to decorate the entrance to the hall — it always looks perfect! But, unlike the arch for the stage, this one should be much smaller and lighter. 

Also, you can decorate the door itself: make a balloon wreath, and add some tinsel and ribbons to it.  


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