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An Ultimate College Freshman Checklist You’ll Ever Need

College is new for the largest percentage of students. It also throws you into a new city with new people and places. You have to live an independent life without the close attention or care of parents and guardians. You need to prepare for it!

Preparing for college gives you the confidence to kick start your new phase of life. You avoid embarrassment or inadequacy in the new place. A freshman checklist will help you prepare adequately and settle better in this new environment. 

Here are items to include in your checklist. 


College life requires money. You have to pay for accommodation, personal supplies, academic materials like books, and entertainment, among other items. Carry enough money to last you through the semester or year. You may also use the money to buy papers from websites that write essays for you instead of spending all your college life in the library. 


Students have different options when looking for money in college. You may depend on allowances from parents and guardians. Sponsors also help students to clear their bills in college. Apply for scholarships to reduce your off-the-pocket expenses. Start a business in college or take a job. You need all the money available to live a comfortable life. 

The main supplies keep you going in college to achieve your academic goals. Each course and person has unique requirements. Besides the basic needs, you should consider your personal effects. Identify priorities and consider the available resources to ensure a comfortable college life, especially one that allows you to study well. 

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Personal effects

Think of personal effects as beddings, soaps, deodorants, and lotions. You have favorites that make you clean and confident. These personal effects help you to live with people and create a pleasant personal space. 

Other items among the personal effects are pillowcases, throw blankets, tissue, towels, and mattress pads. Pick several of them based on their availability at your destination campus. Variety will also help you to change your room and personal space from time. 


Some of the items are depleted over time. Since you cannot live without such effects as tissues and soaps, you need to budget for money that can replenish your stock for the semester. Chase discounts, offers, and promotions to get low prices for these crucial personal effects. 


Colleges do not require students to use uniforms. However, you will need to remain decently dressed for class and social engagements. You also need clothes for personal moments like going to bed or spending time alone in the room. 

Invest in presentable attire. Find a variety of clothes for different occasions. For instance, you will be required to attend official functions like dinners and club meetings. You need suits and official dressing. In case you have to attend parties, you should also dress appropriately. 

Choose a particular dressing style. Your friends and classmates should identify you with the style. Invest in quality clothing because it is durable and presentable. The people you interact with will treat you based on your dress. It is, therefore, important to send the right character and personality message to people around you. 



College life requires you to use numerous gadgets and electronic accessories. They help during entertainment, learning, and running personal projects like businesses.

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Some of the most important gadgets for college students include a mobile phone. It helps you to communicate with parents, guardians, and friends. A phone will also help you to research your assignments and follow occurrences around the world. 

In the age of remote learning, some of the classes will be online. Use your phone to follow the classes wherever you are. Further, you will communicate and exchange learning materials with your teacher or homework helper over the phone. Use social media to remain updated about class projects over the phone. 

A laptop computer is a crucial gadget to include in your checklist. It helps you to type assignments, research, and get help online. The laptop also helps you to follow online classes and other sessions that may help you to perform better in class. 


Other gadgets you need include watches, alarms, and workout accessories. Choose multi-purpose gadgets to avoid having to handle a load of gadgets. Televisions may also fall in the category of entertainment and enhance your studies. 


Do you have the apps you need to study? Apps make your academic work and social life easier. For example, apps help you to communicate with friends and family. Other apps help with budgeting while others can be used during social events like trips. 

The most important apps for college students relate to academic work. Look for apps that can help you finish your homework faster. An app like the typing app will reduce the time taken to complete a paper. You may also install an app for citations or editing. Look for helpful apps to make your homework and studies easier. 

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