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‘Billions’ Season 6 Premiere’s this week :Episode one, Cannonade .

Billions are coming back! Season 6 of the hit Showtime series will be premiering soon. This season is sure to be just as exciting as the last five seasons. With all of the drama and intrigue that fans have come to expect. If you’re wondering what’s in store for this season. We’ve got some exciting things for you!

What is new in season 6?

The biggest change this season is that Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) is no longer the U.S. Attorney. He has been replaced by his wife Wendy (Maggie Siff), who is now a partner at the law firm where he used to work. This should lead to some interesting dynamics between the two of them. Another big change is that Axe (Damian Lewis) has lost his fortune. He is now working as a consultant for a hedge fund, which is a big change from being the head of his own company.

Who is new in season 6?

We can expect to see some familiar faces, including Terry Kinney as Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod’s uncle, Ben Shenkman as Chuck Rhoades Jr., and Malin Akerman as Lara Axelrod. In addition, David Costabile and Condola Rashad will be appearing in guest-starring roles. However, the most exciting news for Billions’ fans is that Asia Kate Dillon will be joining the cast as Taylor Mason, the first non-binary character on a major television network.

What challenges do they face in season 6?

It is unclear what challenges Taylor Mason will face in season six, but it is sure to be an interesting season with this groundbreaking character on board. It will be interesting to see how the show handles non-binary characters and how audiences react. With Dillon’s previous experience playing a non-binary character on Showtime’s series Orange Is the New Black, Billions is in good hands with this actor.


In addition to Dillon, some other new cast members include The Americans’ Annet Mahendru and Homeland’s Corey Stoll. Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti are both set to return for the sixth season, along with a number of other arriving roles. However, the most exciting casting news of all is the return of Malin Akerman, who plays Lara Axelrod.

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Who will make a comeback?

Axelrod was last seen in prison at the end of Season Four, but it looks like she will be making a comeback this season. Some have speculated that her return could mean big things for the show’s plotline, as she has been known to cause a lot of trouble for her husband, Bobby Axelrod (Lewis).


What is the climax like?

The climax of the show is always full of suspense and drama, and it’s hard to predict what will happen next. With Akerman returning to the cast, Season Six is sure to be just as exciting as the previous seasons have been. Be sure to tune in when it airs on Showtime this coming spring!

Which is the best scene in the series?

There are many great scenes in the series, but one of my personal favourites is when Bobby Axelrod confronts his wife about her affair. It’s an intense scene that really shows what this show is capable of. With its mix of drama, suspense, and intrigue, Billion is a must-watch for anyone who loves television shows with complex plot lines.

Is it worth the watch?

Absolutely! Billions are one of the most binge-worthy shows on television right now. If you’re looking for a show that will keep you entertained from start to finish, then look no further than Billions. With its fast-paced plot and engaging characters, this show is sure to keep you hooked until the very end.

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