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Chapters of “The Walking Dead Series explained .

What is the series about?

The Walking Dead is a popular television show that has been running since 2010. It tells the story of a group of people who are trying to survive after zombies have taken over most of the world. These survivors face many challenges. Including finding food and shelter while avoiding dangerous walkers (zombies). Rick Grimes leads this group in their quest for survival.

Who are some of the cast?

Andrew Lincoln is the main character in The Walking Dead. He plays Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy who has survived many zombie attacks. And now leads other survivors to find safety. Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon, a redneck hunter who is very skilled with weapons. Melissa McBride plays Carol Peletier, a woman who has had to become tough in order to survive. Steven Yeun plays Glenn Rhee, an Asian-American pizza delivery boy who becomes one of the group’s most valuable members. Chandler Riggs plays Carl Grimes, Rick’s son. Lauren Cohan plays Maggie Greene, the sister of one of the other main characters.

What happened in the first four seasons?

Season one started off with a bang and quickly grabbed our attention. It had us hooked right away, although there were times when it seemed like things slowed down just enough to frustrate viewers. Overall though, this was an amazing beginning. For what has become one of the most popular shows on television. Season two continued the high quality of storytelling that we saw in season one. There were some great new additions to the cast. Including Michonne and the Governor. These characters added a lot to the show and kept us hooked until the very end.

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The third season was by far the best season to date. Thanks in large part to the addition of several new characters. The Governor was an especially interesting character and we were sad.  When he finally met his demise at the end of season three (although some people might not have been that upset about it). The fourth season began with a bang as Rick woke up from his coma.  And had to come to terms with the new world order. It was interesting getting his perspective on everything after he spent so much time in a coma, but we must say that it took us some episodes before we were fully invested again.


What are the extreme difficulties they faced?

There was definitely suspense there for a while though when Rick had been shot by one of his own people and fell into a coma. It was great to see Dale and all of the others manage with his absence, but it sure would have been nice to know he’d wake up sooner or later!

What are some plot twists that caught you by surprise?

The first episode is actually pretty slow-paced compared to what came after. We guess they had to build up the characters and introduce them all before they could get into the real action. It was definitely shocking when Carol killed Amy, a little girl who had been left in their care by her parents back in Atlanta. She’d just experienced so much violence that she couldn’t take it anymore!


When Sophia, the daughter of Carol and Daryl, turns out to be a zombie after being missing for so long, that was definitely a heart-stopper. And finally, who could forget when Negan killed Glenn? We were all absolutely devastated!

What do you think will be some of the challenges that Rick and the group will face in the next season?

In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges that Rick and the group will face this upcoming season is how to handle Negan. He’s a very dangerous character and they’re going to have to be careful not to anger him. I’m also interested in seeing if they’ll be able to come up with a way to fight the Saviors.

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