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Everything You Need to Know About the Smart TVs

Smart TV

Smart TV is best known as connected TV. It can be connected to the internet and support a variety of applications. Smart TVs allow users to access most of the streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, etc. Some smart TVs also include games, different applications, and social media access.

With the widespread of Smart TV technology, TV service providers are also stepping up their game and trying to catch up with the extraordinary viewing demands from their customers. The best example is the Select Package by Spectrum Services which gives you access to a free spectrum app and thousands of on-demand titles. Along with it, you get to enjoy the amazing Spectrum channel lineup that offers 125 plus channels with free HD programming so you get an exceptional TV experience and get the maximum benefit out of your smart TV.

Smart TVs has created a lot of hype in recent years and we have put together all the reasons behind that hype, so let’s find out:

Ease of use

Smart TVs are easy to set up and use. You do not need a lot of cords and wires all over the place. You only need to plug your Smart TV into the wall and connect it to your internet connection and you are good to go. It’s easier to use than a traditional TV or streaming device as it does not require a lot of hardware to set up.


Compatibility with the smartphones

We all love using our smartphones to control and run everything around us and the convenience different devices bring when they are compatible with our smartphones just makes us feel super comfortable. Even though smart TVs come with their remote controls, they still let us access via using our smartphones. Just by downloading an app on our phones we can connect it to our TV and use it to control multiple functions.

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So, forget about finding remote controls, when your smart TV can easily function by using your mobile phone. You can easily change channels, adjust volume turn your TV on and off at any time without having to worry about your remote.

Support Web Browsing

You can connect your smart TV with an internet connection via an internet browser installed on your TV. This means you can also browse through social media, access multiple streaming devices, and check your emails all on your TV.  With internet-connected to your TV, there are a variety of options available apart from just watching the channels available.

You can stream your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime or just watch YouTube videos from your favorite vloggers or content creators. Smart TVs can also be used to play video games online as it comes with access to an internet connection. So boredom isn’t an option when you have your smart TV with you.


Built-in Apps 

Smart TVs come with several built-in apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and an app store too from where you can install several apps like Spotify, Amazon Music and keep them updated from time to time.  On top of it, smart TV remotes come with a built-in Google Assistant app that lets you voice search your programs and shows, making it easier than to type out the whole thing.

With so many options available on just your TV you would not need to keep other devices for your entertainment as smart TV has it all sorted out.

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Smart TVs are considered to be cost-effective and affordable in a way that you do not have to buy an extra TV box with your smart TV. Their price range is comparable with other standard high definition televisions. You would not even need an additional device to watch your streaming sites as smart TV has it all covered for you.

The only extra price you are paying is one when you are buying a smart TV. Once you have bought it and connected it with your Internet connection it is all easy for you next.


Are there any downsides to having a Smart TV?

Just like every other thing in the world, Smart TV comes with its downsides too. One biggest downsides of having a smartphone are that you are highly dependent on your internet connection. If your Wi-Fi is down or you have weaker signals, it will affect the usage of your TV. You won’t be able to access streaming sites or use the application without having an active or reliable internet service connected to your smart TV. 

Privacy is another major issue faced by Smart TV users. With all your accounts getting synced with your smart TV several issues of security raises. As smart TV also tracks your user activity, the sites that you visit, and the information you share, you should be very careful with your account online. To avoid any security issues make sure you are regularly changing your passwords and not doing sensitive tasks like online shopping or online banking using your smart TV.

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Are Smart TVs worth the hype?

Smart TVs include better video processing than traditional TVs which means you get to enjoy better video quality i.e. usually HD. The expanded features such as compatibility with smartphones and apps, HDMI port on the back to attach streaming sticks, Xbox, Play Station, and built-in applications are plus points. Smart TV is a sensible choice to invest in, it’s more than just connected internet and apps. So the bottom line is that smart TVs are worth the hype!

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